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If you use your iPad or iPhone (or both!) onstage when you perform, you know how hard it can be to find a good place to put them. Putting your iPad on a flimsy music stand just won’t cut it,… Read more ›

Rock paper scissors meets Portal in Smarter Than You

Luca Redwood, the creator of the super-addictive sliding tile game 10,000,000, has been working on a sequel to that game called You Must Build A Boat for the last year, but that’s not the only app he has up his… Read more ›

When it comes to Hollywood badassery I’m most excited about here in 2014, few flicks match up to Hercules — starring none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Directed by Brett Ratner, and co-starring John Hurt, Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell… Read more ›

iRing lets you rock mad beats using only your hands

Sliding two distinctive iRings between my middle and ring fingers on each hand and then conducting the bouncy electronic beat coming out of my iPad mini and into my big fat headphones made me feel less like a conductor and… Read more ›

Dr. Dre to rock WWDC, and 5 other Beats revelations

Apple’s biggest acquisition ever is all the tech world can talk about, and Apple hasn’t even confirmed the news yet. Last week it was reported that Apple has plans to acquire Beats Electronics for $ 3.2 billion. Shortly after the news… Read more ›

Cult of Mac Magazine: Rock Harder With Your Mac

Apple has turned even the most modest weekend strummer into a guitar hero. This week in Cult of Mac Magazine, our games editor and disco band frontman (!) Rob Rob LeFebvre takes you on a magical mystery tour of Garageband’s… Read more ›

What do you get when you combine several hundred serious geeks, two large rooms, five decades worth of vintage computers, and a weekend in New Jersey? Why the Vintage Computer Festival East, of course! The ninth running of the VCF… Read more ›

Kicking off this Friday, the Coachella Music Festival will become the latest event to use iBeacons to provide proximity-specific information to attendees. Coachella’s iOS app has been updated with a new Version 3.0 which enables on-site iBeacon notifications for users… Read more ›

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple fanpeople are gearing up for MacWorld/iWorld 2014 here on March 27-29, and while we’ll be at Moscone West live to cover all the happenings of this year’s show, it’d be so much better if some fans… Read more ›     

Apple fanboys are gearing up for MacWorld/iWorld 2014 in San Francisco next week, and while we’ll be at Moscone West live to cover all the happenings of this year’s show, it’d be so much better if some fans join in… Read more ›