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Apple’s plans for HomeKit to become the de facto platform for the connected home is taking longer than expected to happen because of the company’s obsession with security, according to a recent report. At the moment, only five HomeKit-compatible accessories… Read more ›

Defective part slows Apple Watch rollout

The Apple Watch has been in short supply ever since its hype-filled launch, and a new report claims it’s all the Taptic Engine’s fault. Defects in the key Apple Watch component were found in the Apple’s supply chain, severely limiting… Read more ›

As the company’s first major new product category since the iPad, Apple fans are understandably excited about getting their hands on an Apple Watch sometime in 2015. But while Apple has so far given just “early 2015″ as a vague launch… Read more ›

A job ad that made a brief appearance on Apple’s website before being taken down has confirmed that Apple Pay is on its way to Europe. The listing called for a London-based intern who would “drive the roll-out” of Apple’s new… Read more ›

LA school district puts $1 billion iPad rollout on hold

The Los Angeles Unified School District decided to blow its entire $ 1 billion tech budget on an iPad for every student last year, but after security hacks and supply issues got the program off to a rocky start, the district has decided… Read more ›

Apple began rolling out its two-step verification system for your Apple ID last year, adding an extra layer of protection for users. Now it is making the security feature available in more countries — including Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy,… Read more ›     

did-obama-s-ipad-just-get-hacked--e4e6ffd219This afternoon President Obama addressed the nation to talk about the recent government shutdown, as well as to promote the rollout of the new U.S. healthcare coverage website that just launched today. During his remarks President Obama addressed criticisms that HealthCare.gov is full of bugs and loads too slowly. Obama deflected most of the blame […]

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ios-screensFor Americans, iTunes in the Cloud has freed a lot of us from the tyranny of having to constantly switch movies and music on and off our devices. As long as we purchased a movie or song on iTunes (or, alternatively, subscribe to iTunes Match), we can stream it from the Cloud. Unfortunately, Apple’s been […]

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AT&T_logoAT&T announced today that it will rollout its own yearly upgrade program, in what seems to be a direct response to T-Mobile’s new ‘Jump’ program that was announced last week. The new service, dubbed ‘AT&T Next,’ will begin nationwide on July 26th. Customers will be able to get a new smartphone or tablet every year […]

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verizon-wireless-logoVerizon Wireless has been hard at work rolling out LTE on its network over the past three years or so, but the company announced today that the nationwide 4G LTE rollout is ‘substantially complete.’ With support for over 500 LTE markets, Verizon’s 4G LTE network now covers 95% of the U.S. population. Verizon Wireless CTO […]

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