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FaceTime proposal leaves hopeless romantic stuck on a cliff

Whether it’s customizing a smartwatch to deliver the message, or persuading the developers of a popular app to help you win over the woman of your dreams, tech fans have certainly come up with some adorably neat ways to propose to their loved ones over the years. Decidedly less so was the plight of Apple user […]

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Jon Snow and Agent Carter tag-team a romantic WWI drama

If you can’t get enough of Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter, played to perfection by Haley Atwell, or Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow, broodingly acted by Kit Harrington, here’s a new movie that stars both of them: Testament of Youth. It’s…Read more ›

Hit the Waves or Be a Romantic: Get Sunset & Sunrise Times from iPhone

You can quickly get the Sunrise and Sunset times on a given day for any location, right from your iPhone or iPad. So whether you’re planning a romantic rendezvous for sunset, just want to see the sun peak over the horizon, gearing up for some dramatic lighting photography, or you’re aiming for dawn patrol waves … Read More

Developer Tweaks App To Give One User A Romantic Wedding Proposal

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 15.12.33Duolingo is the developer behind a smartphone app for Android and iOS that helps users learn new languages for free. It has a great deal of appreciation for its users, so much so that it went out of its way to help one of them create a unique wedding proposal that they’ll never forget. It […]

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Romantic In-App Proposal Leads To Real Life Wedding Thanks To iOS Game Dev [Video]

There are many excellent and original ways to propose to your significant other. For example, I once proposed to a girlfriend on a tethered skydive by shouting into her ear at a dangerously low 1500 feet: “Will you marry me and should I pull this ripcord?” To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more enthusiastically (some might even say hysterically) shrieked affirmation  [Read More…]