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This eLearning roundup has massively discounted prices on priceless knowledge [Deals]

Learning is a lifelong endeavor, but even if you live to 100 you won’t have a shortage of stuff to study with this roundup of deals. Hundreds of hours of content covering marketing, IT, banking, coding, you name it. We know you want to learn, the only question now is where to start, so take a […][Read More…]

News roundup: Apple Pay reviews, Christian Bale as Steve Jobs and more

Apple Pay is here at last. With U.S. customers giving the new payment method a try, results — and opinions — vary widely. In this week’s news roundup, we talk about Cult of Mac’s first day with Apple Pay, the…Read more ›

Apple WWDC 2014 Video Roundup

Clocking in at 2 hours, Apple’s 2014 WWDC keynote is a lot to take in, when you just want to know the facts about what’s heading to your Apple devices. Well Cult of Mac is here for you, we’ve chopped it…Read more ›

Gadget roundup: The week’s best gear for travelers, campers and chefs

Cooking, charging, camera-ing and generally staying out-of-doors are the themes this week. But if you are stuck inside out of the sun, don’t worry – we have you covered too. This week we get cooking with a gadget-charging camping stove…Read more ›

Gadget roundup: New gear for photogs, travelers and pencil pushers

Fresh photographic equipment stole the show this week, but we also got wind of some great new outdoor gear (and some stuff for desk jockeys). First the camera news: Sony is coming on strong with the amazing R100 III camera,…Read more ›

News Roundup: iPhone 6 release date and Flappy Bird 2?

As another week passes your host Joshua Smith is here to give you a wrap-up on some of the latest and biggest news features. The return of cassettes, iPhone 6 release dates and Flappy Bird 2 are among just some…Read more ›

News Roundup: iPhone 6 and Apple buys Beats?

With yet another week in the past your host Joshua Smith is here to give you a wrap-up on some of the latest and biggest news features. Touch iD coming to the iPad, Apple to buy Beats by Dre and…Read more ›

Gadget Gallery Roundup May 09 2014

This week our inbox filled up faster than a tummy at an all-you-can-eat crab leg buffet. The theme which seemed to emerge from this weeks plethora of press releases was everything old is new again. From the stunning leather and…Read more ›

Review roundup: Best waterproof iPhoneography cases

This week we check out the best iPhone cases for using underwater. And seeing as the only reason to take an iPhone underwater is to snap pictures, we’re looking specifically at the camera capabilities. The Candidates The Survivor+Catalyst from Griffin…Read more ›

Get your quick fix of weekly tech news in Cult of Mac’s News Roundup

A week full of news has passed and your host Joshua Smith is here to give you a wrap-up on some of the biggest features. Warrants to search cell phones, leaked iPhone cases and the latest Snapchat update are among…Read more ›