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Batter Up! Bench Clearing Reinvents Baseball As A Battle Royal [Video]

Think sport should be less about good sportsmanship and complex rules, and more about violence? Clearly developer HooAh agrees on some level, because its upcoming iOS game Bench Clearing re-imagines baseball (a.k.a. “America’s favorite pastime”) as a massive free-for-all battle.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Spend Four Bucks And Play Hit iOS Game Royal Revolt On Your Mac

Royal Revolt 5

Ok, so you’re a prince sent out to learn your magic at Bogsmarts, a magical boarding school for aristocratic youth in a far away kingdom. While you’re gone getting your Bachelor’s degree in petty magic, your evil aunts and uncles have predictably taken over all the smaller castles in your father’s lands, shutting you out of your rightful inheritance. So, it’s up to you to muster your troops and  [Read More…]

How To Watch The Royal Wedding Live On Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

The wedding of the year (well, apart from mine!) is just hours away. Millions upon millions will be watching the Royal wedding live on TV, but what if you’re unlucky enough to be out of the house when the big event takes place? Don’t worry, Redmond Pie has got your back, thanks to YTLive.

If YTLive rings a bell that’s because we told you about it last week. With YouTube launching  [Read More…]