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Good news for Apple: free music services must pay higher royalties

In news which could well be good for Apple Music, but bad for rival free streaming music services, the federal Copyright Royalty Board has ruled that ad-supported internet radio companies such as Pandora must pay higher royalty rates to artists and record labels. From next year, Pandora, iHeartMedia and others will pay 17 cents for […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Operation inventor doesn’t have a ‘Broken Heart’ over lack of royalties

John Spinello stuck a safety pin in a light socket. He was 3 and never forgot how the shock “flipped me over backwards.” As an adult, he turned that moment of mischievous curiosity into a board game that shaped the…Read more ›

One weird trick gets Spotify to stump up royalties for your favorite band

The Taylor Swift/Apple Music controversy has reignited discussion about what exactly the trend toward music streaming is going to do to artists. If you’re concerned that your favorite singer isn’t getting enough dough, you may be interested to check out Eternify,…Read more ›

Apple and Ericsson battle it out over patent royalties

Ericsson’s former CEO has gone on the record as saying his company should have taken the iPhone more seriously when it arrived back in 2007. Today, everyone takes the iPhone seriously — and there are the lawsuits to prove it.…Read more ›