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Apple Hires Rolls Royce Director To Bolster Corporate Communications Overseas [Rumor]

You can keep the Phantom, Apple.

You can keep the Phantom.

As Apple continues to expand its presence internationally, the company has reportedly created a new executive position for handling business affairs in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. An unverified report claims that Josh Rosenstock, former Director of External Communications for luxury car maker Rolls Royce, has been hired to fill the spot.

“One source with knowledge of the move said the ‘heavyweight’  [Read More…]

Pad & Quill Contega Case for iPad 2: The Rolls Royce of iPad Cases [Review]

It could easily be imagined that the bookbinding industry is struggling to survive these days. As books cross over in ever-increasing numbers into the digital world, the demand for physical books have disappeared and with it, the niche crafts that help create them. Ironic, then, that whats breathing life into the industry now is that which began to kill it: e-books, e-readers and tablets (and in this case, the  [Read More…]