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3-D printed Shelby Cobra ready to lay down the rubber

The curvy roadster with the V-8 engine is the stuff of legend and the muse of copy cats. The Shelby Cobra turned racing on its head in the 1960s and though so few were ever produced, it became one of…

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Tokyo Court Finds Samsung Guilty Of Infringing Apple ‘Rubber Banding’ Patent


A Tokyo court has today found Samsung guilty of infringing an Apple “bounce-back” or “rubber banding” patent that covers the popular scrolling feature built into its iOS platform. Apple has been using the patent against Samsung in a number of courtrooms all over the world, but back in April, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office deemed it invalid.

In earlier versions of its Galaxy smartphones, Samsung allegedly copied the feature that causes  [Read More…]

USPTO Confirms Apple’s ‘Rubber Banding’ Patent Is Invalid


Apple has been dealt yet another blow by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office after receiving confirmation that its famous “rubber banding” patent, which plays a key role in the company’s fight against Samsung, is invalid. The “final” decision comes after the USPTO tentatively rejected all claims in the ’381 patent back in October 2012.

While the initial ruling invalidated all 20 claims in patent ’381, three of them (14, 17, and 18) have  [Read More…]

Don’t Click Trees – Play Retro, 16-Bit Inspired Rubber Bandito On Android And iOS

The developers behind Rubber Bandito, an upcoming retro-styled platform game for Android and iOS, want it to mean something when you beat their game. They envision a world where gaming is so much more than clicking trees in endless social games in a web browser.

They want you to play Rubber Bandito, and they want you to help fund it. On Kickstarter, of course.

They promise controls like no other, allowing you  [Read More…]

Re-Volt, Acclaims Classic R/C Racer, Will Burn Rubber On iOS This Month

Re-Volt in your pocket?

Acclaim’s 1999 R/C racing classic,�Re-Volt,�is coming to iOS this month. The title has been ported by development studio Big Bit Ltd, which is run by Nick Baynes, one�of the original creators of�the game, who has been teasing its release on Twitter.

In reply to a tweet about favored Sega Dreamcast titles, Baynes wrote:�”Anyone that says Re-Volt should watch the App Store over the next couple of weeks….”

In  [Read More…]

Apples Redesigned iPhone 5 Will Land In Fall 2012 With Aluminum Back, Rubber Bezel [Rumor]

Having been forgotten at Apple�s �Let�s talk iPhone� event back in October, the completely redesigned iPhone 5 is now on track for a Fall 2012 launch, according to a �close source� who is familiar with Apple�s plans. And like the iPad, the sixth-generation device will reportedly sport an aluminum rear casing, with a rubberized bezel much like Apple�s iPhone 4 bumper cases.

The Gorilla glass that currently houses the fourth- and  [Read More…]

Apple MacBooks get Free Fix for Faulty Rubber Bottoms

Apple is replacing the bottom cases of some recently sold MacBooks for free after they got reports of the rubber surface separating from the lower side of the computer.

Laptops that had been shipped between October 2009 and last month are shown up with this problem. If you have got this problem with your MacBook, you can bring the computer to experts at the Genius Bars located in retail stores or they can work with  [Read More…]