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Stage actress Patti Lupone takes rude texting into her own hands – literally

The next time you buy tickets to see famed stage actress Patti Lupone in a show, just leave your cell phone at home. The Tony and Grammy award winner delivered her exit line during her performance of Shows for Days…

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Siri’s Sweet Voice Threatens Rude Moviegoers With Humiliation

Siri has a dark side. Try to send a text in a movie theater, and you might feel the life-destroying wrath of Apple’s perky AI helper. That’s the message delivered in a new PSA-style video that’s the Alamo Drafthouse‘s latest…

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Manners 2.0: is it rude to watch your iPad at a restaurant?

Since we can no longer carp about people smoking, it would seem we have to find some bone to pick with fellow diners in restaurants.

Case in point: a server in a busy San Francisco restaurant (where else?) wonders if it is a breach of etiquette 2.0 to bring your own mobile entertainment to the table.

�I am a server at an extremely busy restaurant in San Francisco. The proliferation of  [Read More…]