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We know that the next Apple TV will be a radical, gaming focused overhaul of Apple’s streaming set-top box, but what will it actually look like? Wednesday will tell, but if it looks and feels anything like this iOS 9 overhauled concept by Andrew Ambrosino, we’ll be pretty happy indeed. Ironically shown running on a […]

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Hamza Sood – the same hacker who managed to bring Flappy Bird to the Apple Watch as a native app – has just hacked Apple’s wearable to do something just as cool: run custom watch faces. This evening, Sood took to Twitter to post a 23-second long video, showing a custom watch face running on […]

Using a running app to log your workouts is a great way to track your progress and stay motivated. But have you considered who actually owns the workout data you are logging? If you ever decide to switch apps, you might be in for a surprise. While some services, like Strava, make it easy to […]

You can charge your smartphone while cycling or running with an accessory also designed to keep you alive on the road. Sounds like a lot to ask of a battery pack, but the Boost Pack by BSEEN does both with… Read more ›

When you run with Apple Watch, swiping to the right in the Workout app reveals your heart rate. Is this just for curiosity value, or can it actually help you improve your running? Green versus infrared LEDs: the difference with… Read more ›

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Running with Apple Watch, a beginner’s guide

If you bought an Apple Watch hoping it would help you get fit, but you haven’t been on your first run yet, maybe you need of a little more encouragement. So here’s some advice from a reformed couch potato. The… Read more ›

When it comes to cool Android hacks, this one’s got to be up there with the best. Developer Josh Max has managed to get Google’s mobile platform running on a Texas graphing calculator with about as much power as a kitchen wall… Read more ›

If you fancy sitting down over lunch with Tim Cook, along with being the Apple CEO’s guest at a future Apple keynote, you’d better hurry. That’s because today marks the end of the annual Tim Cook Lunch auction to raise… Read more ›

Microsoft’s early attempts to the tablet crown from Apple hasn’t really gone according to plan. All the Surfaces from the original to the Pro 2 were flops, but Microsoft seems to have hit its stride with the Surface Pro 3.… Read more ›