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No rush in India to buy the iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s hit shelves in India over the weekend – and on the shelves are where most of them stayed. According to reports in that country, Apple saw lukewarm sales of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus during launch there. With the cost on the entry level 16 GB iPhone 6 at $ 925, many […]

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iPhone 6s fear could make Samsung rush to release Galaxy S7

Samsung may crank out new smartphone models by the bucket-load, but up until now its flagship Galaxy phones have only arrived at a rate of one generation per year. That may be about to change, since a new rumor claims…Read more ›

Experience the full rush of traveling Turkey in this epic video

Got three minutes? Then you can travel Turkey, north to south, through this shifting and cunningly edited short film, called Watchtower of Turkey, by Leonardo Dalessandri. He traveled over 3500 kilometers in 20 days, filming the lush landscapes and varied…Read more ›

Crazy Taxi: City Rush pulls up to the App Store tomorrow

Back in the heady days of the early new Millennium I went out and bought a Sega Dreamcast (still a massively underrated console, in my mind) to play Crazy Taxi, one of the most original and addictive arcade games I’d…Read more ›

Why Heartbleed Shouldn’t Make You Rush To Change Passwords … Yet

The discovery of the Heartbleed security bug sent the web into a panic with it’s devastating OpenSSL vulnerability. On a scale of 1 to 10 of Internet catastrophes this one goes all the way to 11, according to respected security…Read more ›

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Lurches Your Way With Halloween-Themed Update Shadowmoon

With this latest Halloween-flavored update, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is bringing vampires and werewolves to its acclaimed tower defense gameplay in a new update, entitled Shadowmoon. You’ll get three brand spankin’ new levels to defend your base against nine new enemy…Read more ›

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The Gold iPhone 5s Sparks An Accessory Gold Rush

gold-collection-parrot-zik  Perhaps it’s more of a gold trickle than an actual bona fide rush, but we’ve already found two just-released gold versions of previously un-gilded gadgets: the Kickstarted eleMount iPhone stand, and Parrot’s luxury Zik headphones (above). The ball-and-socket eleMount will complete the iPhone 5s trifecta (there’re already black and silver versions) when/if its aluminum […]

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Tower Defense Sequel, ‘Kingdom Rush: Frontiers,’ Gets Rising Tides Update Today

ScreenshotRisingTides5Released last month, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is the followup to the critically-acclaimed Kingdom Rush, one of my personal favorites in the Tower Defense genre, what with its cute little hand-drawn characters, wacky sense of humor, and some of the most finely-tuned tower defense levels I’ve ever played. Kindgom Rush: Frontiers, then, just got a marine-flavored […]

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Brand New Kindgom Rush ‘Frontiers’ Game Launches On The iPad


Kindgom Rush has been one of our favorite tower defense games for the past two years, so we’re really excited to hear that Ironhide Game Studio just released the sequel, titled ‘Kingdom Rush Frontiers.’

The new game features all new levels as you defend your lands in the deserts, jungles, and even the underworld. You get some new customizable abilities along with a host of new bad guys and nine legendary heres.

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Macworld Exhibitors Rush To Put The Finishing Touches On Macworld | iWorld [Galley]


The Moscone Center is ready to welcome Apple fans tomorrow morning

macworldbug SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/iWORLD 2013 – The doors of Macworld/iWorld  open up tomorrow morning, but we’ve already taken a quick tour of the Moscone center to get an early look at the action.

Exhibitors are rushing around trying to put the finishing touches on their booth, but it looks like some of them will be burning  [Read More…]