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Russia wants to stop your next selfie being your last

From electrocution while trying to get the perfect background, to accidentally shooting oneself while posing with a pistol, Russian selfies seem to be pretty dangerous things — with more than 100 leading to serious injuries in the country in the…Read more ›

Apple pulls out of Crimea as part of U.S. sanctions against Russia

In a curious example of international geopolitics influencing the App Store, developers who have registered iTunes accounts in the Crimea are being told to stop using all Apple software, and destroy any materials related to it. Why? It all has…Read more ›

App Store prices are going up in Europe, Canada, and Russia

Do you live in the European Union? Canada? Norway? Russia? Bad news, friends. Your App Store prices are about to shoot up. But hey, if you live in Iceland, great news: your app prices are going down! In a note…Read more ›

Russia is selling its banned Steve Jobs tribute statue

The abandoned Steve Jobs monument previously erected in St. Petersburg, Russia is to be auctioned off, according to a new report. The 6-foot-tall iPhone-looking slab was designed by local Russian sculptor Gleb Tarasov and named “Sunny QR Code.” It was assembled…Read more ›

Homophobic politician wants to ban Tim Cook from Russia for life

It was only a matter of time. Just a few hours after Tim Cook bravely and historically made his sexuality open, the gay-bashing has already begun. Where? In Russia, where Vitaly Milonov, the politican behind Russia’s anti-gay laws and the…Read more ›

Russia tells Apple it wants to check its source code for spying

As the biggest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the Cold War continues to unfold, Russian officials have proposed that Apple hand the government access to its entire source code, just to make sure there aren’t any spying bugs…Read more ›

Hackers accused of ‘ransomware’ iOS attack arrested in Russia

Last month, users in Australia woke up to find that their iOS devices had been locked by an “Oleg Pliss,” and that they needed to pay a ransom if it was to be unlocked. While a few people thought iCloud…Read more ›

Apple Has Its Eye On Mother Russia

14167341_news_bigpicDuring Apple’s last earnings call, Tim Cook said that “our activations in Russia set a record last quarter as the highest-ever quarter.” Like China and other countries where the normal methods of selling phones are different than here in the states, Russia is full of growth potential for Apple. A new report from TechCrunch claims […]

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The Apple Online Store Opens In Russia

Apple-RussiaThe Apple online store has expanded its presence in Europe by opening up in Russia for the first time. Apple products were previously available only through third-party resellers, but those in Moscow and Saint Petersburg can now buy iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more directly from Apple. Apple has reportedly been unhappy with Russia’s third-party distribution networks, and […]

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Apple Tries To Sneak iWatch Trademark Through Russia


When the iWatch comes, could it be called the iсмотреть instead? Perhaps not, but a new report suggests that Apple has already registered a trademark for iWatch within Russia.

The claim is being reported by Izvestia.ru, who say that Apple has filed for ownership of the iWatch name in Russia under the 9th and 14th classes for the International Classification of Goods and Services.

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