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Apple fans in Russia can no longer buy new iPhones or Macs, reports Bloomberg. The company has stopped all sales in the country due to ‘extreme’ Ruble fluctuations. All Apple products were pulled temporarily from the online store in Russia this… Read more ›

Russian Government Ditches iPads For Samsung Tablets

Russian government officials have ditched the iPad in favor of Samsung-made tablets according to a recent report. The move was supposedly made to “ensure tighter security.†Russia’s telecoms minister Nikolai Nikiforov notes that Russian officials switched over to Samsung tablets… Read more ›     

Apple is well known for its often inconsistent approach to app acceptance or rejection (more on than in this week’s upcoming Newsstand magazine), but this is a bit silly. According to Apple, Hunted Cow developer Andrew Mullholland had his app… Read more ›     

Greetings, comrades! This time on CultCast: we travel to mother Russia and dance with gogo dancers (no, really); Apple talks to Tesla, we talk iCars. Plus, for the first time, Apple brings the iTunes Festival to the United States; Facebook… Read more ›     

spekulantyVimpelCom, owner of Beeline, Russia’s third-biggest mobile carrier, has cut its ties with Apple and decided it will no longer offer the iPhone. The company reportedly feels Apple’s conditions are too “harsh,” and so it has inked a deal with its biggest rival instead. VimpelCom isn’t the first Russian carrier to walk away from the […]

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appletvEarlier this month it was discovered that Plex can be added to Apple TV without jailbreaking the device, and now a Russian blog has discovered how to add Russia’s UnliMovie digital TV service to the Apple TV by using the device’s Trailers app. To get the hack to work you have to change your DNS […]

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It’ll cost you $ 85 to get a copy of this portrait of Steve Jobs



What’s a better way to strike fear and admiration into your house guests than a portait of Steve Jobs dressed as a Russian Army General? Nothing, that’s what. Except maybe a flamethrower, or pet crocodile. But you don’t have either of those do you?

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A mass graves for (fake) iPhones.

If you’re an iPhone lover, this video of an excavator destroying one hundred and twenty-seven iPhones underneath its treads is sure to stand your hair on end. It’s like watching a bulldozer dig a mass grave.

Don’t worry, though: these aren’t real iPhones, convincing as they might seem. They’re merely convincing replicants.

The real story behind this video is that earlier this year, authorities in  [Read More…]


Apple got sued by the Swiss Federal Railway Service in October over use of their clock-face,  and now another European railway has decided they want some money from Apple too.

Russian Railways has filed a trademark lawsuit against Apple for about $ 65,000 (2 million roubles). The reason behind the lawsuit isn’t really clear at this point, but it’s been speculated that Russian Railways is mad about people using their logo in the  [Read More…]

In Russia, you don’t buy music… you pirate it, along with pretty much everything else digital. That could soon change, though, as Apple is apparently now inviting a small group of Russians to an iTunes event scheduled to take place in Moscow tomorrow, December 4.

Mailed out by Apple’s local PR person, Irina Efremova, the Russian iTunes event will reportedly take place in GUM, one of Moscow’s more upscale shopping centers located  [Read More…]