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Upload Images Directly from Safari in iOS 6

Upload an image from Safari in iOS to the web

iOS now lets you upload images directly from Safari using standard web-based upload forms. Not only can you upload directly from the Photos library and Camera Roll now, but you can also upload an image directly from the camera after taking a picture.

There’s nothing fancy that you’ll need to do, just tap any normal upload button from Safari and you’ll see  [Read More…]

Google Street View Now Works In iOS Mobile Safari

Missing Street View on your iPad? Good news: Google has enabled it in Mobile Safari, letting you check out street-level detail from your iOS device, right there in the browser.

To use it, head over to maps.google.com and make your search. Now, down in the bottom right corner of the browser, you’ll see the little Street View figure alongside the arrow for directions. Tap him, and a new tab will open with the Street  [Read More…]

Why Mobile Safari Doesn’t Have A Unified Address Bar Like In Mountain Lion

Expect mobile Safari’s address bar to look like this for some time.

One of the improvements Apple made to Safari 6.0 was to take the search and address bars and roll them into one — just like a lot of popular web browsers do. The change hasn’t been made to the mobile Safari app, though, which is puzzling, because it’s a more efficient use of screen space on a smaller display.

But there is a good  [Read More…]

Go Full Screen with Safari on iPhone & iPod touch to See More While Browsing the Web

Safari in Full Screen mode on iPhone

One of the many subtle additions in the iOS 6 update is the new ability to go into Full Screen Mode with Safari on iPhone and iPod touch. With just a tap you can boost the viewable size of web pages while you’re in landscape (horizontal) orientation, making the most of web browsing on the smaller screens:

Open any website in Safari on iPhone or  [Read More…]

Clear Or Turn Off AutoFill In Safari On A Shared iPad or iPhone [iOS Tips]

One of the more useful features of modern browsing, the AutoFill function started on the desktop, then made its way to the iPhone and iPad a while ago. It lets your iOS device hold all the form data, populating the oft-repeated fields with your personal info like your name and address. That way, you don’t have to type it all in all the time, which is brilliant on a mobile device  [Read More…]

Remove Stored Passwords from Safari in Mac OS X

Remove Stored Passwords in Safari for Mac OS X

Safari 6 makes it easier than ever to manage and remove passwords stored for the various websites you visit from the Mac. If you want to clear a single or all stored passwords, here’s all you need to do:

Open Safari’s Preferences from the Safari menu and click on the “Passwords” tab Select the website you want to remove the stored password from  [Read More…]

How to Disable Java in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and System-Wide

How to Disable Java

If you are tired of keeping up with all the Java security updates and potential vulnerabilities, you can avoid a potential problem completely just by disabling Java.

For the average user, we’ve recommended keeping Java disabled as one of the primary means of protecting a Mac against potential malware, viruses, and trojans. In fact, the newest versions of OS X require that Java be installed manually to  [Read More…]

Open Links In The Background Using Mobile Safari [iOS Tips]

Here’s another one of those “so simple it hurts” tips that we find from time to time, leaving us scratching our head, wondering why we didn’t figure it out sooner.

When you’re browsing the web, whether you’re on a computer or your iPhone, you don’t always want to open links in the window you’re browsing in. Neither do you always want to open them in a new tab in the  [Read More…]

Navigate & Flip Through Open Browser Tabs with Gestures in Safari 6

Flip through browser tabs in Safari

Safari 6 has a great new way to quickly navigate through open browser tabs using gestures. To access the new tab preview screen, click the little box on the far right of the tabs:

See all browser tabs in Safari and navigate between them

Once in tab previews, use a two-finger gesture left or right to flip between  [Read More…]

Search Smarter With Safari 6 In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]

The most noticeable change in the way Safari works in its latest version is in the way it allows you to search. Just like Google’s Chrome web browser, Safari now includes an integrated search in the previously URL-only address bar at the top of the browser.

There are some tricks to narrow down search results, as well as a couple neat ways to save specific searches for later use. Let’s  [Read More…]