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Add Pull-To-Refresh to Mac OS X in Chrome & Safari

Pull to Refresh in Mac OS X iOS popularized the pull-to-refresh gesture, where pulling down and releasing on browser and app windows causes them to refresh their contents. With the help of a browser extension, we can bring the same pull to refresh feature to Mac OS X 10.7 in either the Chrome or Safari web browsers: Extension for Safari Extension for Chrome Installation is just a matter of clicking on  [Read More…]

Apple Releases Safari Update To Fix Webpage White Flashes And Overall Sluggishness

Apple has released an update to Safari on the desktop. Safari 5.1.2 is now available in Software Update with multiple bug fixes. An issue that has been plaguing many users involving webpages flashing white has been corrected, and PDFs can now be viewed within web content. A number of stability and memory issues have also been addressed, so Safari should work faster now.Release notes: This update contains various improvements, including  [Read More…]

[How To] Want a Home Page in Mobile Safari?

How would you like to be able to set a home page right from Mobile Safari? Home Page in Safari is a jailbreak tweak, by Will Strafach (Chronic), that allows you to easily set a home page in Mobile Safari. That on top of itself, is a great iOS improvement. Home Page in Safari is iOS 5 compatible. When you close all windows in Mobile Safari, a new window will always open with your home page  [Read More…]

Want to Be Able to Upload Files Using the iOS Mobile Safari?

How would you like to be able to upload files to the internet using Mobile Safari? Mobile Safari is a highly limited mobile Web browser that does not allow you to download or upload anything. It’s very closed and allows you only to browse. Thanks to an awesome jailbreak developer, Nikias Bassen, we can now have the option to upload files from our iDevice using Mobile Safari. The tweak is called Safari Upload Enabler and it  [Read More…]

Want to Add A Home Button to Mobile Safari?

This tweak will add a home button to Mobile Safari in iOS. All major computer browsers have something in common – a home button. They have this because all major browsers allow you to have a home page. Mobile Safari has never supported home pages natively; it’s a feature that a lot of iOS users wish that Apple would implement, but there are jailbreak tweaks that let you set a home page. One such tweak  [Read More…]

Make Better Use of Your iPhone’s Pixels With FullScreen for Safari

Let’s face it, mobile screens are small; small screens have few pixels and they should be conserved. The beloved developer, Yllier, has another tweak up his sleeve! This one is called FullScreen for Safari and it has been fully updated to work with iOS 5. Essentially, FullScreen for Safari is self explanatory in that it allows you to use Safari in full screen. But that’s not all it does, it even goes a step further and  [Read More…]

[Giveaway] Block Annoying Ads in Safari and Certain Apps With AdBlocker!

Want to block disruptive ads in Safari in iOS 5? AdBlockPlus is a very well-known and popular add-on for the Firefox Web Browser. It blocks all kinds of annoying ads that plague your Web browsing experience. But what if I told you that there was an iOS version? Well.. you’d probably say, “well yeah, there’s been one for a long time.” Okay, you’re right. There have been numerous AdBlockPlus copycats for iOS. But one of  [Read More…]

Show Downloads In Safari With This Quick Keyboard Tip [OS X Tips]

I’m beginning to like using the keyboard a lot more these days and the tip today shows how useful a keyboard can be. I use Safari a great deal and I download a lot of content from the internet using it. Every so often I need to see the current download list, which is easily accessible from the keyboard.   If you are using Safari and you need quick access  [Read More…]

Resize Safari Windows While in Full Screen Mode

resize Safari windows in full screen mode Like using Safari in Lion‘s full-screen mode? You can resize the viewing pane of a full-screened Safari window by dragging the cursor to the far left or right edges, grabbing, and pulling in. This lets you reduce the white space and width of browser windows while still retaining the full screen view. This is a helpful little trick for web developers with a full  [Read More…]

Safari 5.1.2 Released To Developers: Fixes PDF Viewing and Printing

Late last night, Apple seeded a new build of Safari to developers, 5.1.2 beta, which brings a fix to the embedded PDF viewing and printing issues that were present in previous versions of the browser. It also introduces a “known bug” that causes extensions to crash. As the ancient Romans used to say, caveat developor.   In the release notes, Apple asks testers to focus their efforts on making sure  [Read More…]