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WTF?! Study finds Android is actually safer than iOS

Are iPhones really more secure than Androids? Google’s platform certainly gets more stick thanks to high-profile vulnerabilities like Stagefright, but according to a new study, Android is still safer and more secure than iOS. Despite Apple’s “wall garden,” which required all iOS apps to undergo a thorough review process before they get the stamp of approval, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Dropbox rolls out USB keys to keep your files safer

Worried about the security of your Dropbox files, even if you use two-step verification? Dropbox has your back now with a new USB key-based system to ensure that you are the only one able to access your files in the Dropbox cloud. “Today,” Dropbox writes on its website, “we’re adding Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) security […][Read More…]

Make your Mac safer for your kids

Keeping your kids safe on your computer is one of the more important things you can focus on as a parent. Mac OS X has a great tool built right in to do just that: Parental Controls. It’s fairly easy…Read more ›

Eric Schmidt insists your data is much safer with Google than with Apple

Eric Schmidt has hit back at Tim Cook’s recent jibes at Google, claiming that “someone didn’t brief him correctly on Google’s policies.” Schmidt was speaking as part of a CNN Money interview to promote his new book How Google Works.…Read more ›

Sharing your iPhone photos just got safer with Overswipe

You know how it is — you want to share that lovely photo of your new puppy, but you really don’t want the person you hand your iPhone to swiping to those over-the-top party photos from your last lost weekend.…Read more ›

Apple’s New Patent Wants To Make Texting And Walking A Little Safer

Sick of colliding with lampposts and the elderly whilst walking and texting? A new Apple patent for ‘Transparent Texting’ might be right up your alley, using your iPhone’s video camera to pipe through a live feed of what’s happening in…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Switchable Data/Power Lightning Cable For Safer Charging

  In the market for a new Lightning cable for on-the-go charging purposes? Then consider the awkwardly-named “8-pin Lightning Data Sync (iTune) Blocker” from USB Fever. Not only is is like about a third of the price of Apple’s own…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Use Turn By Turn Walking Directions In iOS 7 Beta For Safer Passage [iOS Tips]

turn by turn maps ios 7

Disclaimer: Seriously, folks, iOS 7 beta is a pre-release version of iOS. Don’t use these tips as proof that anything will be in the final release, or that they’ll work past the beta. We’re providing these as a fun way to explore Apple’s new mobile OS, is all.

The iPhone’s built-in navigation system has profoundly changed my life. No longer do I need to plan  [Read More…]