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The Bling on this smart cycling helmet flashes for safety

The cycling helmet is often referred to as a brain bucket. It has kept many a melon in one piece after falls and collisions and there’s no smarter wearable for your ride. One helmet promises to offer more smarts. It’s called the Bling Helmet by LIVALL and it is aptly named because of how it […][Read More…]

SpaceX abort system can carry astronauts to safety in five seconds

When the rocket you are about to ride has 3.9 million pounds of thrust under the seat, it’s comforting to have an exit strategy should something go wrong. The private company SpaceX recently had a successful test of a launch…Read more ›

Apple relents to China’s demand for network safety checks

Apple has agreed to accept the Chinese government’s demands to run network safety evaluations on all Apple products before they can be imported into the country. Tim Cook met with the country’s Internet and Information office last December to discuss…Read more ›

Air New Zealand uses The Hobbit to make the most epic air safety video ever

Tired of the same old boring pitch that flight attendants have to give you in accordance with FAA regulations? Well, Air New Zealand decided to make its own briefing a lot more epic in the latest video for the official…Read more ›

Facebook’s Safety Check feature lets friends know you’re okay during a natural disaster

Designed to help friends and family check on their nearest and dearest during natural disasters, Facebook is introducing a new Safety Check feature for its mobile app. The tool works by sending a push notification to devices that are near…Read more ›

Excessive overtime and poor safety accusations aimed at Apple supplier

Another Apple supplier is facing accusations concerning violations of labor rights and lapses in workplace safety. The supplier in question is Taiwanese company Catcher Technology, which produces the metal casings for iPads as well as parts for the iPhone, plus…Read more ›

The naked truth about iCloud safety

By now you’ve probably heard about the avalanche of celebrity nude photos that slammed the Web on Labor Day. But amid the chaos of FBI investigations, celeb denials and Apple PR releases that say basically nothing, understanding how the attackers…Read more ›

Nest recalls all Protect smoke alarms due to safety hazard

Last month, sales of the Nest Protect smoke alarm were suddenly halted after the Google-owned company discovered a malfunction with one of the product’s key features. By design, a simple wave of the hand under the device was able to manually…Read more ›

Fight for sanity and safety in the addicting arcade game Aliens Drive Me Crazy

For now it’s impossible to ever know what everyone would really do if aliens invaded earth. While it’s talked about on all different types of platforms, the new app Aliens Drive Me Crazy brings this experience to life. Swipe to…Read more ›

Nest Halts Sales of ‘Protect’ Smoke Alarm Over Safety Concerns

Like Nests’s futuristic thermostat, its iPhone-controlled smoke/carbon monoxide detector looked like the perfect replacement for the antiquated systems used in most homes today. It turns out that the Nest Protect was a little too good to be true. Since the…Read more ›    [Read More…]