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Apple still hasn’t publicly released sales figures for the Apple Watch, but according to Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly, Apple’s debut wearable device is doing great. “Demand for Apple Watch has been so strong in the stores and online,†Hubert Joly told analysts in the company’s latest earnings conference call. In fact, Joly claims strong demand […]

The days of iPhone sales growing year after year could be over with the iPhone 6s, claims an investment advisor for KGI — citing a stalling smartphone market in China and an underwhelming Force Touch feature as the handset’s big selling point. The unnamed KGI analyst — who is more than likely Ming-Chi Kuo — […]

Tim Cook reveals Apple Watch sales topped expectations

Apple didn’t officially announce any Apple Watch sales numbers during today’s earnings call, but according to Tim Cook, the company has already beat its own internal expectations. While the official number of units sold remains a secret, the Apple exec… Read more ›

Square’s new app gives retailers real-time sales data

Square continues to add to its lineup of small business tools, especially for owners and managers who want an overall better grip on their businesses. It’s introducing a new Dashboard app that does just that: it lets owners track sales… Read more ›

Apple’s quarterly earnings call is set to take place later today, but one set of figures we’re not expecting to get are the initial Apple Watch sales, which Apple has already acknowledged will be hidden in the “other products” category… Read more ›

Apple Watch sales plummet by 90% since launch week

The Apple Watch went on sale just over two months ago, but it appears that consumer interest in Apple’s wearable has taken a huge dive since launch week. Apple kicked off launch week in April selling an average of 200,000… Read more ›

After the disaster of the Samsung S5, Samsung was counting on the Galaxy S6 to lead its way back to the top — with some people even throwing around terms like “iPhone killer” as a description of the new flagship… Read more ›

Apple Watch on pace to beat iPhone’s first-year sales

Apple Watch orders are currently coming in at a rate of around 30,000 units per day — according to analytics provided by Slice Intelligence, which combed through the e-receipts of around 14,000 online shoppers who used Slice’s services. Although there… Read more ›

According to a new research note issued by UBS’s Evidence Lab, the latest quarterly sales for the iPhone are set to be even more impressive than most people are anticipating. And given that no-one is sleeping on the iPhone’s success… Read more ›

15 percent of Samsung’s management left the company late last year following its dismal smartphone sales, according to a new report from Korea-based news outlet Yonhap News. The tech giant had 1,219 management staff on its books as of 2014’s… Read more ›