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MacBook Can’t Use Mouse & Trackpad at the Same Time? Here’s the Fix

Some Mac users may find that if they connect an external mouse or trackpad to their MacBook or MacBook Pro, the internal built-in trackpad then no longer works. This may appear like a bug, and some users may think it’s a hardware problem, but the good news is that the inability to use both a … Read More

iPhone SE has the same waterproof seals as its big brothers

A teardown of the new iPhone SE reveals that it has the same waterproof seals as its big brothers the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus — despite looking almost identical to the older iPhone 5s. “There be foamy silicone seals surrounding some—but, mysteriously, not all—of the logic board connections,” iFixit’s teardown gurus write. If these are the same as […]

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Pro Tip: iPad Pro uses same keyboard shortcuts as your Mac

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get your hands on a big, beautiful iPad Pro, you might be surprised that many of the same OS X keyboard shortcuts, like the ones for cut, paste, find, etc., are available right on your new giant laptop replacement. The iPad Pro keyboard has a Command key […]

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Think same? HTC’s new One A9 ad is another Apple ripoff

Before he made The Martian, Ridley Scott directed the most iconic Apple ad in history with the classic 1984 Macintosh commercial. So what better way to set yourself apart from Apple as a rival smartphone maker than to… completely rip off ideas Apple was circulating thirty-odd years ago? Yeah, we don’t get it either. Check […]

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iPhone 7 may use same touch screen tech as original iPhone

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus haven’t even been revealed yet, but the rumor mill is already spitting out new details about next year’s iPhone 7 that could boast a big display upgrade. Apple is supposedly considering moving back to the same touchscreen technology it used in the original iPhone, according to a new rumor […][Read More…]

Apple may introduce iPhone 6s at the same venue it unveiled the Apple II

Apple still hasn’t made an announcement as to where next month’s iPhone 6s event will take place. However, according to a new report it may be set to rock San Francisco’s 7,000-seat Bill Graham Civic Auditorium — the same venue where Steve Jobs and Wozniak first unveiled the Apple II. The building has been hired for […][Read More…]

Apple Watch 2 will keep same resolution, screen size, get bigger battery

If for whatever reason you’re unhappy with the image quality, screen size, and square display of the current Apple Watch display, don’t expect any of your quibbles to be fixed with next year’s Apple Watch 2. According to a new report,…Read more ›

Apple will pay same streaming royalty rate as Spotify during free trial

Having agreed to pay out royalties to music artists during the initial three-month trial period of Apple Music, Apple will reportedly pay rights holders 0.2 cents per stream, according to a new report. This rate is similar to that paid…Read more ›

iOS 9 code suggest iPad Pro will have same pixel density as iPad Air 2

After pretty much confirming that the iPad Pro is almost ready for launch, iOS 9 has a few more hints that may reveal the resolution of Apple’s giant tablet. Taiwanese developer Hiraku Wang used the extra large keyboard assets discovered…Read more ›

Apple will give its security guards the same rights as other employees

It’s not just technology and environmental credentials where Apple’s helping lead the way; the company is also doing its bit to secure the futures of those service employees working further down the payscale in Silicon Valley. Like many tech companies,…Read more ›