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Samson Color Codes It’s New SD Card Lineup

Samsung has redesigned its SD and microSD cards with color coding that makes it easier to spot the difference between the different product lines – regular, Pro and Evo. Unfortunately, this is the wrong way to color code cards. Let’s…Read more ›

Samson Meteor Mic Steals The Show With Charm and Zing [Review]

Theres nothing quite like the bliss of simply plugging a gadget into a slot and being rewarded with superb performance; and if the gadget happens to exude raw sex appeal, even better. Sounds familiar, right? Because that pretty much describes Apples entire lineup. Its also a perfect description for the dynamicSamson Meteor Mic($99).   The Good: This little firecracker is a podcasters delight. Its beefy, forward-facing, 25 mm condenser mic captures rich, full,  [Read More…]