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A South Korean antitrust watchdog has rejected Apple’s claims that Samsung’s counter-patent suit against the U.S. firm violates the country’s fair competition rules. Apple lawyers claimed that Samsung’s litigation concerning its SEPs (standard-essential patents) for 3G wireless technology was an… Read more ›     

The Galaxy S5′s fingerprint scanner may be coming more than 7 months later than the iPhone’s, but it’s already going to be more useful to users. Not only will it allow them to unlock their device at the touch of… Read more ›     

Samsung just revealed its latest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 and not only is it waterproof, it comes in four colors – black, white, blue and gold. Apple announced the gold iPhone 5s last Fall which led to Samsung to… Read more ›     

When you buy a 16GB iPhone 5c, you get 12.60GB of storage space left over after taking into account iOS 7′s default install size. Comparatively, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the worst bang for the buck, storage-wise, in smartphones: a… Read more ›     

It’s one thing for Samsung to diss Apple in an ad campaign, but apparently another entirely for filmmakers to diss Samsung. That’s according to a new report, stating that Samsung allegedly pressurized a Korean online newspaper to kill coverage of… Read more ›     

It’s been a while since Samsung mocked Apple and its iOS devices to sell its latest smartphones and tablets, but if you thought the South Korean company had moved past all that, you can think again. It has today published… Read more ›     

Remember the report from yesterday that said that Sochi Olympics sponsor Samsung was asking athletes to cover up their iPhone logos? Not something athletes need to worry about, according to the International Olympic Committee. But that doesn’t mean Samsung didn’t… Read more ›     

Samsung is an official sponsor of the Sochi 2014 Olympics, and the Korean company has been giving athletes Galaxy Note 3 phones to use during the games. In exchange for the gifts, Samsung has reportedly asked the athletes to specifically… Read more ›     

Well, it looks as if the Samsung Galaxy S5 is about to be unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung is sending out invitations to an event called ‘Unpacked 5′ scheduled to occur at 8pm Central… Read more ›     

  We’ve seen more than enough iPhone cases with slots for credit cards, ID or cash. But the Push wallet phone case is the first one we’ve seen with a secret compartment that hides those valuables completely out of sight.… Read more ›