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Newer MacBook Air Models Now Appear to be Using Faster Samsung SSDs

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When Apple refreshed the MacBook Air line last October, one of the most notable new features was the use of new blade type SSD drives. Taking the memory out of the old enclosures proved to be a great way to save space inside the cramped MacBook Air case, however, Apple did not use the fastest drives available at the time.

ifixit conducted a detailed teardown of the  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 Get Priced, New Thinner Chassis. Touted As World’s Thinnest Mobile Tablets

Apple’s iPad 2 has caused a real stir in the tech community, nowhere more so than Apple’s tablet competitors. Now Samsung has announced their new Galaxy Tab 8.9 and a redesigned 10.1 today, complete with iPad 2-like thin-ness.

Galaxy Tab 8.9Galaxy Tab 8.9

The two tablets, unsurprisingly  [Read More…]

Teardowns Show Samsung Built the A5

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The iPad’s A5 chip was manufactured by Samsung, according to two independent teardowns and analyses of the latest generation system-on-a-chip. Despite rumors that Apple was going with Taiwan Semiconductor to fab the A5, decapsulations of the SoC by UBM TechInsights and Chipworks clearly show telltales of a Samsung fab process.

The process analysis and lab techs at UBM TechInsights dissected the A5 using optical die and scanning electron  [Read More…]

Samsung VP Calls Their Own Tablet “Inadequate”

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The iPad 2 announcement has met with favorable reviews pretty much across the board, with consumers and tech writers alike finding much to cheer about with the lighter, faster tablet. Praise came from an unfamiliar source on Friday, though, as the vice president of one of Apple’s main competitors called his own product “inadequate” in comparison. Samsung VP Lee Don-joo also signaled that they might have lower  [Read More…]