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Samsung-Apple Trial Day 9, Industrial Designer Jin-Soo Kim Testifies [Liveblog]


Samsung continues its defense in the San Jose patent trial today against Apple, with more witnesses declaring Apple is the original copycat in the touch-screen mobile business.

We dig back in as one of the Samsung’s top executives, Industrial Designer Jin-Soo Kim, testifies about his role in the product development business.

[Live blog]

1158AM: Kim is the second witness who has traveled from Seoul, Korea, to testify on behalf of the  [Read More…]

Day Seven of Samsung-Apple Trial Finds More Attorney Battles

In the latest drama in the contentious Apple-Samsung patent trial, Samsung accused Apple of trying to extend the range of authorship of its patent holdings through sales figures of global products not covered by U.S. law.

Lawyers for Samsung explained that three phones that have been repeatedly used as examples of exact replication by Apple are not, in fact, sold in the US and have been trying to throw them out of  [Read More…]

German Court to Hear Samsung-Apple Dispute on August 25th

On Tuesday,MMi reportedthat Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy Tab 10.1., the result of which leaves the tablet effectively barred from distribution across most of the European Union. A few hours ago, the Wall Street Journal confirmed that Samsung will go to court on August 25th to appeal the aforementioned decision, which – for obvious reasons – stands to hurt Samsung’s business across the majority of the European continent. Originally  [Read More…]