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Supermodel Kate Upton Photographed With Her iPhone At Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 Launch Event [Oops]

You’re forgiven because you’re beautiful and use a good smartphone, Kate.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 launch event happened in New York City last night, and celebs like Sports Illustrated covergirl Kate Upton were in attendance. Given Samsung’s high-profile legal feud with Apple, it’s particularly unfortunate that a shot of the beautiful Upton depicts her sitting next to her white iPhone.

You’d think that Samsung would have the due diligence to at least give its  [Read More…]

South Korean Court Rules That Apple Infringed On Samsung’s Patents

According to the Wall Street Journal, a Seoul court ruled that Apple has infringed on two of Samsung’s patents. In addition, Apple must stop selling the  infringing products in South Korea. Apple isn’t the only one at fault here, as the court also ruled that Samsung had infringed upon Apple’s “bounceback” patent. We’ll update this story as more information becomes available.

Breaking: A South Korean court has ruled that Apple  [Read More…]

U.K. Court Decides Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs Do Not Infringe Apple’s iPad Designs

The iPad alongside Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Apple has been handed yet another blow in a U.K. courtroom after the High Court of England & Wales sided with Samsung today and decided that the Korean company’s Galaxy Tab series does not infringe Apple’s designs. The judge said Samsung’s products are recognizably different to Apple’s, and are therefore free to remain on sale in the U.K.

Samsung delivered its full statement to Pocket-lint this  [Read More…]

Apple Awarded Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus

Three days after we reported an Apple win in regards to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, US District Judge Lucy Koh just handed Apple another, possibly temporary, victory.   In a decision handed down today in California, Judge Koh granted a preliminary ban on the Galaxy Nexus phone. Apple’s original request was in February of this year, and alleged that the Nexus infringed on several Apple patents. The current decision, if upheld,  [Read More…]

Dutch Court Denies Samsung’s Bid To Ban Sales of Apple’s iPhone and iPad in the Netherlands

In the latest patent war saga, a Dutch court ruled that Samsung cannot assert 3G patents against Apple products using Qualcomm’s baseband chips — as Samsung has a licensing deal with the U.S. chipmaker — thus denying their bid to ban the sales of the iPhone and iPad in the Netherlands. However, Samsung didn’t consider the ruling a complete loss as the Hague court also ruled that Samsung could seek damages  [Read More…]

Samsung’s A5 Chip Production in Texas in Full Swing

The folks over at Reuters are reporting that Apple’s South Korean component supplier (Samsung) has reached full production at its 1.6 million square-foot factory earlier this month. Although Samsung reportedly began producing A5 processors at the plant earlier in the year, the company only recently reached full capacity. According to the publication, “nearly all of the output of the non-memory chip production from the factory…is dedicated to producing Apple chips.” The company already produced NAND Flash memory  [Read More…]