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Santa gives iOS 8 adoption a boost after holiday season

We’re coming up to four months since the public release of iOS 8, and according to Apple’s own stats, 68 percent of users are now running the latest version of its mobile operating system. This is up five percent from…

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Santa won’t have iWatch ready for the holidays

Although it’s being widely reported that Apple’s mythical wearable will share the stage with the iPhone 6 on September 9th, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get your paws on it anytime soon. Recode, the same publication that nailed…

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App Santa: Amazing Apps Like Tweetbot And 1Password Go On Sale For Christmas [Deals]

We’ve shown you plenty of app deals, but this one may be the best. App Santa is a new project from some of the best and most popular indie iOS developers. It includes 15 award-winning apps that have been discounted…

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Santa Snowed Under With iPhone Requests, Twitter Shows

It’s another day, another optimistic projection for Apple’s success over the Christmas season. This time the report is from Piper Jaffray’s analyst Gene Munster, who analyzed 25,000 tweets featuring the hashtags @Santa and #wishlist — and found iPhone to be the…

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NORAD’s Santa Tracker Website Gets iPad-Friendly Update For The Holidays

  Santa Claus is coming to town in just 20 short days which mean NORAD is knocking the dust off its famous Santa Tracker website with a revamp that makes the site iPad friendly for the first time ever. NORAD…

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Track Santa Live this Christmas with a NORAD iPhone App, Google, or Bing

Santa Tracking

Christmas Eve is upon us, and that means it’s Santa tracking season! Whether you’re keeping an eye on Santa’s yearly world journey for yourself or just the little ones in your life, tracking Santa is now easier than ever.

You can track Santa directly from your iPhone with an official NORAD app, use the official NORAD Santa Tracking website which uses Bing Maps, or go with Google Maps Santa Tracker.  [Read More…]

Proof: Santa Gave The Good iPads, The Naughty Microsoft Surfaces For Christmas

The tablet wars in a nuthsell: of the tens of thousands of people who opened a tablet on Christmas morning, 7 times as many people got iPads than Kindles, 18 times as many people got iPads than a Google Nexus and 50 times as many people got an iPad as a Surface. Looks like Santa’s an Apple fan.

Source: Reddit

Apple Expands Again With New Construction In Santa Clara, CA

Is Apple running out of room in Cupertino proper? Perhaps, as new details have emerged that show Apple planning to occupy a new site that could contain 1,200 workers or more in Santa Clara, CA. Developer Peery Arrillaga has made a deal with the Cupertino-based tech company to custom tailor a two-building office campus, currently under construction at the north side of Stevens Creek Boulevard, just a few minutes from Cupertino city  [Read More…]

Santa Won’t Be Delivering An Apple TV 3 Jailbreak This Christmas [Jailbreak]

“Siri, where’s my jailbroken Apple TV?”

If there’s anything more illusive than the iPhone 5 jailbreak, it’s the third-gen Apple TV jailbreak. While real progress is being made on cracking Apple’s latest smartphone, hackers are having a harder time jailbreaking everyone’s favorite living room hockey puck.

Many prefer to jailbreak the Apple TV in order to install third-party apps and enhancements that Apple doesn’t support out of the box, like access to  [Read More…]

Apple Products Are The Best At Finding Santa According To Best Buy Ad [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEKer84625Q]

It’s pretty much a proven fact that for Christmas this year kids want an iPad or something else made by Apple. Everyone knows it. Even Best Buy. So Best Buy’s newest commercial shows off all the phenomenal cosmic powers of Apple devices as a kid uses all of Apple’s products at the Best Buy Apple Store on his search to find Santa.


Source: Best Buy