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iFixit teardown reveals Force Touch trackpad’s secret sauce

We’re still waiting for the unbelievably gorgeous 12-inch MacBook to ship, but our friends at iFixit have already done a teardown on the updated MacBook Pro, revealing the secret sauce behind the new Force Touch Trackpad and Taptic Engine that both new…

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Speed is the secret sauce in Taco Bell’s tasty new app

It’s not like bagging a burrito at Taco Bell takes a long time, but the fast-food chain’s hot new mobile app makes ordering unbelievably fast and frictionless. The app promises that you’ll be able to order anything off the menu, pay…

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Slender Rising 2 Is The Scary Sauce On Your Creepypasta [Video]

Creepypasta meme Slender Man is back again — this time in an official sequel to 2012′s Slender Rising called, imaginatively enough, Slender Rising 2. For those unfamiliar with the game, it pits you against the so-called Slender Man in four…

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Dead Trigger To Add Extra Zombie Sauce In Upcoming Halloween Update

It’s not a whole lot to go by, but this image surfaced on the Dead Trigger Facebook page, teasing the existence of a Halloween update for the Android and iOS zombie shooter, Dead Trigger. Will you be fighting pumpkin-head zombies?

If you’re unfamiliar, Dead Trigger is developed by MadFinger Games, known for Shadowgun, one of the first truly console-like third-person shooter games on Android and iOS. Dead Trigger ditches the third-person for  [Read More…]