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How to Delete Saved Handwritten Messages from iOS Messages

The Handwritten Messages feature in iOS is fun and can be used to scribble a note or draw a quick little sketch, but after you have sent a handwritten messages from an iPhone or iPad you’ll find the sketch is saved within a little panel at the bottom of the handwritten messages screen. If you’d … Read More

How Steve Jobs and the Industrial Design Team saved Apple, this week on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: we recall how Steve Jobs and the industrial design team saved Apple. Plus: the reason Jony Ive gave us his car for a chauffeur; one year with the Apple Watch; and we reveal the strange cultural phenomenon we’ve been secretly loving in an all-new What We’re Into. Our thanks for […]

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How to change where screenshots are saved on your Mac

I take a lot of screenshots on my Mac. This typically results in my desktop being cluttered with files I don’t really need to be there once I’m done with them. That’s why I decided to change the location where my Mac screenshots are stored. My desktop is now clean and I still have quick […]

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Tim Cook offers fan an internship after Apple Watch saved his life

The teen who had his life saved thanks to his Apple Watch heart monitor has received a brand new iPhone 6s and — more importantly — an internship with Apple next summer. 17-year-old football player Paul Houle says he was recovering from his recent medical emergency when he received a very special call from Cupertino. […]

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Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie saved by Universal after Sony backs out

Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay on Steve Jobs has been in a seemingly perpetual state of flux for months. Multiple A-list actors and directors passed on the project, with Christian Bale most recently bowing out of the leading role after being all but…Read more ›

Find Saved Passwords on iPhone & iPad in Safari

The Autofill feature of Safari makes logging in to websites much easier in iOS, not having to remember and type in every single password for every website under the sun that you come across. While saving passwords with autofill is undoubtedly helpful, it can also mean it’s easier to forget what a password is, since … Read More

Ex-Apple Designers Asked: What Product Saved Apple?

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple went from being chump of the tech world to champ, and what was the product that turned it all around? That was the question posed to a panel of ex-Apple designers at a special event here…Read more ›

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Google Chrome For Mac Makes Saved Passwords More Secure

Google has tightened security inside the latest Chromium build for Mac, blocking access to all of your saved passwords until you’ve provided your system password. Under previous releases, users simply had to enter a special address to access all of…Read more ›

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Use Bookmarks in iBooks App for iOS to Quickly Access Saved Pages

iBooks For those who read within the iBooks app of iOS, digital bookmarks are a very useful feature that work much like bookmarks do in a real paper book; you set a bookmark on a page, and you then have easy access for future reference, whether to find where you left off reading or to quickly jump to an important passage.

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50 Billionth App Winner “Saved Up Apps” To Win Contest


The winner of Apple’s $ 10,000 App Store gift card has revealed how he saved up apps to download to his iPhone in an a bit to become the 50 billionth downloader. Brandon Ashmore, 21, from Mentor, Ohio, held his downloads until Wednesday night to try to give himself a better chance of winning the contest.

He still thought it was a joke when Apple called to tell him he had  [Read More…]