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Get a Space Vortex Screen Saver from Time Machine Animation in Mac OS X

Do you remember the original Time Machine backup animation of the slowly spinning green galaxy vortex? Triggered when a user entered Time Machine for backups, backup file management, or restoring files, the original animation was a snazzy space rendering that sort of looked like entering into a spinning black hole, shooting out stars and space … Read More

Get a Gorgeous iOS 7 Lock Screen Inspired Screen Saver for Mac OS X


Though some of iOS 7′s appearance has become a matter of controversy, the one portion of the iOS facelift that is practically universally adored is the new, simplified, image-focused lock screen, which displays nothing but a clock and the date in minimally thin text overlaid against the devices wallpaper. It’s beautiful, and now thanks to a third party developer you can get that same gorgeously simple lock screen on your Mac  [Read More…]

Furiously Match Lions And Turtles In Ark Saver [Review]

I went into Ark Saver expecting it to flounder about like the Noah’s Ark mini game in Bible Adventures on NES. I’m incredibly surprised that it is not only playable but pretty addictive. Ark Saver by Ignacio Bononi Category: iOS…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Automatically Stream Photos from iPhone to a Mac Screen Saver with Photo Stream

Stream photos from iPhone to a Mac screen saver automatically

The latest versions of iPhoto (11+) and OS X (Mountain Lion+) support Photo Stream screen savers, this means you can have your Mac display a screen saver show that automatically updates the stream of photos based on pictures that are taken on the go with an iPhone, without ever having to manually copy pictures over to the computer or set them  [Read More…]

A Nice & Simple Binary Clock Screen Saver for Mac OS X

Binary clock screen saver

Minimally styled clock screen savers are fairly popular and we’ve shared a variety of them here before, but it’s hard to get more minimal than a binary clock. The aptly named BinaryClock is just that, a free and simple binary clock screen saver for OS X that has some nice color effects that change with the time. Binary clocks are also fun because the average person may  [Read More…]

Flip Through Your Photo Screen Saver Like A Slideshow [OS X Tips]

One of my favorite screen saver images.

Those photo screen saver modules that Apple includes with Mac OS X are gorgeous, right? With Aerial, Cosmos, National Geographic, and Nature Patterns on offer, the basic photo Screen Saver is just right to keep things pretty when you step away from your Mac for a moment or two. I’ve gotten tons of complements on the photos, and they’re just the default ones.

But  [Read More…]

FlipClock is a Beautifully Simple Clock Screen Saver for Mac OS X

FlipClock Screen Saver for Mac OS X

FlipClock is an appropriately named and wonderfully simple screen saver for Mac OS X that does nothing but show you the time in a very nice retro flip clock fashion. There are no frills and no features, nor do there really need to be, it’s just a simple lightweight clock that shows AM/PM and current time, with the traditional flip animations when the time changes.

  [Read More…]

Use An OS X Screen Saver To Share Information About Your Mac [OS X Tips]

Apple has had a basic screensaver in OS X from way back, but it’s now possible to add a custom message to it, to leave valuable information for someone who might see it. It used to be called Computer Name, as it defaults to the name of your computer that’s set in your Sharing preferences. These days in Mountain Lion, it’s called Message.

Launch your System Preferences from the  [Read More…]

Customize the Screen Saver Text with a Message in Mac OS X

Custom screen saver text in Mac OS X

The most simple screen saver in OS X is just a floating grey Apple logo  against a black background, but you can make that screen saver significantly better by attaching a customized message to it, which will be added along with the logo and move about the screen.

Older versions of Mac OS X referred to this customizable screen saver as “Computer  [Read More…]