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LG says even Steve Jobs would loved the G4

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has finally gone on sale the Android world is turning its attention to LG’s new flagship smartphone, the G4. We’ve seen a few glimpses of the leather-clad phone which will make its debut on… Read more ›

The beautiful Apple Watch spokesperson Christy Turlington-Burns has been running a blog on Apple.com for the past three weeks, detailing how the Apple Watch has helped her train for the London Marathon. It’s mostly puff stuff, but her latest entry… Read more ›

Steve Wozniak thinks he and co-founder Steve Jobs could never have found employment at the company they created together, had they been in their twenties in 2015. “I look at the experience and education levels you need to get a… Read more ›

This week: it’s kind of a big deal—the wonderful world of Nintendo is coming to iOS. Plus: the reviews are in, people are loving the new Force Cluck Touch Trackpad; Apple’s rumored streaming TV service might land in June; and… Read more ›

Design guru Dieter Rams says Apple built his dream PC

Braun’s lauded designer, Dieter Rams, has long been cited as an inspiration behind Apple’s classic design. Nearly everything Rams touched, from calculators tape recorders, radios, and even infrared emitters, have inspired Apple’s products, and according to Dieter himself, it’s a… Read more ›

Swatch may be just a couple of months from launching its own Apple Watch rival, but the 61-year old co-creator of the low cost Swatch wristwatch, Elmar Mock, isn’t being shy about describing the havoc he thinks Apple’s debut wearable… Read more ›

Thanks to Apple Watch, Swiss watch makers are screwed according to Jony Ive, and Swatch’s inventor, but Switzerland’s top athlete isn’t sold quite yet. Asked whether he think athletes will embrace Apple’s wearable, 17 time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer… Read more ›

Actress Anna Kendrick can probably afford a $ 10,000 gold watch, but that didn’t stop her from taking a bite out of Apple after it flexed its wrist-computing power Monday. Known for her brutal Twitter truths, Kendrick offered a sour evaluation… Read more ›

With Kanye West’s astute analysis of Apple’s business, his close friendship with Steve Wozniak, and his unabashed love for “Jony Ives” (sic), Tim Cook must count his lucky stars every day that he managed to scoop the role of Apple CEO out… Read more ›

Becoming the most funded Kickstarter in history is certainly enough to boost confidence — and if you’re Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky it’s enough to get you to take some potshots at giant-sized rival, Apple. With Cupertino’s March 9 Apple Watch… Read more ›