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The iWatch Won’t Be A Watch At All, Says HBR

All I know is that I want one.

All I know is that I want one.

What can Apple bring to the table, er, wrist, that Timex and any one of hundreds of cheap watches don’t already provide consumers?

That’s the question Harvard Business Review’s H. James Wilson asks today, and he comes up with a fascinating answer.

The iWatch, he says, won’t actually be a watch at all.

“Using  [Read More…]

White House Says Cell Phone Unlocking Should Be Legalized


Last month a petition was created on the White House’s We The People website that demanded the White House ask Congress to rescind its decision to make unlocking cellphones illegal.

After 114,000 signatures were collected on the petition, the White House invited experts on telecommunications, technology  and copyright to come over to the White House and talk about the issue.

The official White House response was issued today stating that the Obama  [Read More…]

Tim Cook Says Apple Should Break Ground On Spaceship Campus This Year

Apple's Spaceship campus won't be ready in 2015 as originally planned.

Apple’s Spaceship campus won’t be ready in 2015 as originally planned.

Steve Jobs pitched the idea of an Apple spaceship-like campus in the summer of 2011. He said that the project would be completed by 2015, but there have been a couple delays that have pushed the project back a little farther.

During today’s annual shareholders meeting, Tim Cook addressed the reports  [Read More…]

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Says Using Android Smartphones & Tablets Is “Emasculating”


Speaking in front of an audience at TED today, Google co-founder Sergey Brin made a bizarre pitch for buying his company’s wearable Google Glass headset, essentially by arguing that product utilizing one of his company’s biggest projects — Android — were effeminate and made for wussies.

Speaking in Long Beach, California, Brin said:

“Brin told the audience that smartphones are “emasculating.” “You’re standing around and just rubbing this featureless piece  [Read More…]

Apple’s Less Arrogant Than They Used To Be, Says Orange CEO


There was a time when companies feared going into negotiations with Apple. When Steve Jobs walked into a meeting, he demanded that your company bend to his every whim, or he’d walk away.

Now that Steve’s gone, other companies have noticed that Apple is actually a lot easier to deal with. At least, that’s the observation from France Telecom-Orange CEO, Stephane Richard, who thinks Apple’s not as arrogant as they used  [Read More…]

Running Apple Without Steve Jobs Is Weird, Says Apple Chairman


It’s been over 16 months since Steve Jobs passed away, leaving Apple without its inspirational leader. Even though the company has released a number of new products and reported record-breaking sales, some of Steve’s closest friends at the company still miss him.

Apple’s chairman, Art Levinson, was a close friend and colleague of Steve Jobs, and he’s been on Apple’s Board of Directors since 2000. So when he was recently asked  [Read More…]

Apple Says Java Plug-in For Browsers To Blame For Malware Attack

Is Apple to blame for its sliding stock?

Following up on the news that Apple experienced a recent attack by hackers who infected some Macs with malicious software, Apple says they know how they did it.

In a statement released to All Things D, Apple says that the hackers accessed a number of Mac systems through a vulnerability in the Java plug-in for browsers.

Here’s the full statement:


“Apple has identified malware  [Read More…]

Apple Says It Was Attacked By Hackers Who Infected Some Macs


According to a tweet sent out by Reuters, Apple says it was attacked by a group of hackers who infected a small number of its Mac computers.

Apple says it was attacked by the same group that hit Facebook and other companies, but there is no evidence that any data left Apple. The company is working with law enforcement to identify the hackers.

Details on the story are still developing. Information  [Read More…]

Gene Munster Says He Doesn’t Know What Apple Has Planned For April, But It’s Something!

This guy really believes that Apple is making a HDTV.

Earlier this week the web was assaulted with a bevy of horrible Apple rumors from analyst Peter Misek. Along with claiming that Apple was going to have an Apple TV SDK event in March, Misek said Apple’s 4.8-inch iPhone will launch next year, and that iPhone 5 sales are slipping.

It only took a few minutes before Misek’s B.S. was shot down, so  [Read More…]

Apple Says It Will Fix iOS 6.1 Lockscreen Bug In Future Update

iPhone passcode

Earlier today we told you about a lockscreen bug in iOS 6.1 that allows someone to get past your passcode and into your contacts and photos. The process of replicating the bug is pretty tedious, but it’s still a nasty security bug Apple needs to fix.

The good news is that Apple is aware of the lockscreen flaw, and the company has confirmed that it will be fixed in a  [Read More…]