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HP Says It Will Keep And Share webOS

The longstanding mystery of what HP will do with webOS has finally been resolved in the least eventful manner possible. On Friday, HP detailed it’s long term plans for webOS. The cornerstone of the plan? HP is keeping it in order to “contribute the webOS software to the open source community.” It’s another way of saying “sharing is caring.” As we all know, however, HP would have probably outlined a different long-term plan if the  [Read More…]

Words To Eat: Sharp Says They Aren’t Worried About Apple’s iTV

Photo by Thomas Hawk – http://flic.kr/p/5FefCC

Japan’s Sharp, maker of huge-screen televisions, voiced confidence Thursday as it told reporters Apple isn’t much of a concern. What about the almost incessant chatter that the tech giant will enter the TV manufacturing market with an iTV in 2012? “It’s not something we’re studying very hard,” an executive claims. Unclear whether this is bravado or whistling past the graveyard, but perhaps Sharp missed  [Read More…]

This Moron Shrink Says Siri Is As “Toxic Psychologically” As Drugs And Video Games

How do you know you’re reading a report from a bug-eyed, sensationalist quack? When they take the newest and hottest trend and then say, “It’s almost as bad as this other popular trend amongst godless teenagers today!” Here’s a good case study. Over at Fox News, a psychiatrist is claiming that Siri is just as damaging psychologically to kids as “violent video games!” WHAT?!?! Heaven forfend!   The claims are  [Read More…]

HP CEO Admits Defeat, Says Apple Will Be Number One PC Maker In 2012

HP CEO Meg Whitman recently said that Apple is poised to be the dominant PC maker in 2012. In an interview with French publication Le Figaro, Whitman admitted that Apple will likely take the lead in the market next year. Whitman says that HP “will try to be champion again in 2013,” and it seems clear that the company’s new CEO is painfully aware of the mess that HP has found  [Read More…]

Microsoft Says That Windows Phone Had Siri Before The iPhone 4S

In a recent interview with Forbes, Microsoft’s chief strategy and research officer, Craig Mundie, sat down to talk about the future of the “Kinect effect” and other aspects of the company’s business. When asked about his opinion on the hype surrounding Apple’s Siri voice technology in the iPhone 4S, Mundie promptly stuck his foot in his mouth. www.youtube.com/watch?v=8akOCfqe-v0 Mundie said that Microsoft has had Siri-like technology on Windows Phone  [Read More…]

Professional Photographer Says With The iPhone 4S, Steve Jobs Has Reinvented Photography

The iPhone 4S has an amazing camera for a smartphone. Heck, it’s already the second most popular smartphone camera on Flickr. But how does it hold up for the professional photographer? As this beautiful testimony by pro photographer and gallery owner Ryan Bolger makes clear, it doesn’t just hold up well… it reinvents photography.   Bolger writes after his first month with the iPhone 4S: So I’ve been holding out  [Read More…]

Report Says 2012 Will Finally Bring NFC Support to iPhones

Although Apple is believed to have seriously considered implementing Near Field Communications (NFC) technology in the iPhone 4S, the feature that would have allowed iPhone owners to execute iOS e-wallet transactions was reportedly shelved in mid-2011. Still, despite Apple’s past of putting NFC technology on the back-burner, it’s an all but guaranteed part of the next iPhone’s package of robust bells and whistles. That’s according to a new report today from Digitimes. “As Android, Symbian,  [Read More…]

Rock Star Sting Says Apps Are The New CDs

Sting - photo by Adam Riggall, used under CC license (Photo by Adam Riggall, used with thanks under Creative Commons license) Former Englishman-in-New-York Sting has been speaking to journalists to plug his solo career retrospective album, the 25 Years box set. And in his opinion, the music industry is facing another big change. The CD is dead. And its replacement is apps.   In an interview with Billboard,  [Read More…]

Mark Zuckerberg Says Steve Jobs Helped Him Build Facebook

One of the few contemporaries in tech that Steve Jobs openly admired was Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. In Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, the Apple founder said that he admired Zuckerberg “for not selling out, for wanting to make a company.” In other words, Jobs saw a lot of himself in Zuckerberg: a young kid out to change the world. Well, it turns out the respect was mutual. In an  [Read More…]

iTunes Is A “Digital Vampire” Killing Artists Says The Who’s Pete Townshend

With a cough of dust and a slithering of centipedes, The Who’s Peter Townshend has once more fallen out of his coffin to roam the world once more. This time, rock and roll’s elder statesmummy has emerged from his tomb with a purpose: to call Apple and iTunes a “digital vampire” that “bleeds artists.”   Townshend’s argument is this. Because Apple makes 30% of every iTunes track sold, it’s sucking  [Read More…]