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iPhone 4S Outshines Many High-End Compact Cameras, Says Camera+ Creator

One thing you can be sure that Apple will improve with every iteration of its iPhone is the device’s camera. The original iPhone packed a 2-megapixel camera that wasn’t all that great at taking photos, but things got significantly better two generations later with the iPhone 3GS. The 5-megapixel camera in the iPhone 4 received a ton of praise, but its 8-megapixel successor in the iPhone 4S is even more terrific.  [Read More…]

Apple HDTV Coming Soon, Says Report

For nearly three years we’ve heard rumblings about Apple’s supposed plans to create and launch connected-television models in the near future. Following reports last week that late Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed in his new biography that he had “cracked’ the formula for an integrated futuristic connected television set, talk has once again surfaced that Apple will soon roll out a branded HDTV. “I’d like to create an integrated television set,” Jobs told Walter Isaacson.  [Read More…]

Swedish Carrier Says the iPhone 5 Won’t Be Able to Compete Without LTE

Not many of us expected Apple to introduce LTE or 4G capabilities to its fifth-generation iPhone, but according to one Swedish carrier, the Cupertino company would be killing its iPhone 5 if it doesn’t adopt LTE technology by then.Tommy Ljunggren, senior vice president of TeliaSonera in Sweden, told Telecoms.com that if Apple didn’t integrate LTE into its next iPhone, the device would be “run over” by its competition and would no  [Read More…]

Want To Merge More Than One Apple ID? Cupertino Says ‘Fat Chance’

When Apple introduced MobileMe, they really created a cluster$ @#! of a situation with Apple IDs because they forced you to make a new one when you signed up. That means that millions of MobileMe users have two Apple IDs: the one they’ve used forever to buy songs, movies and apps, and another Apple ID forced upon you for MobileMe. Well, now iCloud is here and MobileMe accounts have been  [Read More…]

Siri On Non-iPhone 4S Devices Will Require Piracy, Says Dev Team

If you’re hoping that the Dev Team will be able to port the iPhone 4S’s new Siri feature to other devices like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4, prepare for a disappointment: MuscleNerd says that it will likely require piracy, and therefore, they probably won’t do it.   On Twitter, MuscleNerd wrote: Anyone hoping for a “port” of Siri from iPhone4S: pending a very low-level A5 exploit, it likely can’t  [Read More…]

No 4G LTE on Next iPhone, Says WSJ

4G LTE Barely an hour away from Apple’s new iPhone unveiling and media event today and a few reports out of traditional media outlets seem to be tempering expectations. Notable is the Wall Street Journal, who taps their sources near Apple to announce that there will not be 4G LTE or WiMAX connectivity on the next-generation iPhone, and instead the device will continue to operate on the existing 3G networks. According  [Read More…]

BGR Is Crazypants, Says iPhone 5 Is Exclusive To Sprint

So the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint was so desperate to get the iPhone now that AT&T’s exclusivity deal is up, they actually bet the future of their company on it: they’ve placed an order for over $ 20 billion in iPhone sales over the next four years. Sprint won’t break even on the deal until 2014, and if the iPhone suddenly becomes less popular (yeah, right), the  [Read More…]

Analyst Says Apple Has Ditched 1M Retina Display iPad 2s In Favor Of January iPad 3 Launch

Is Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek huffing the magic hallucinogen jay bone? He claims that Apple canceled an iPad 2 HD, despite having already built a million of them, but also, that Apple will be launching the iPad 3 in January. What?   In a research note posted today, Misek said that the iPad 3 would have a “sooner-than-expected” launch in late January. It’s not exactly clear why he  [Read More…]

Facebook for iPad App Dev Quits In Disgust, Says It Might Never Be Released

Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s assertion that the iPad isn’t a mobile device, Facebook has been working on a native iPad app com for quite some time. In fact, not only has Facebook been hammering away at it for months, but it was even possible to unlock it on jailbroken iPads using the iPhone version of the app. So where is it? Back in July, the New York Times said Facebook’s native  [Read More…]

Case Manufacturer Otterbox Says “Yes” To Both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, But Don’t Be Fooled

A couple days ago, it leaked that reputable case manufacturer Otterbox had already made up to three million cases for the iPhone 4S. That number always seemed a little far fetched, but the pictures themselves didn’t like: Otterbox was banking on the next iPhone to be a relatively small update over the iPhone 4. Today, Otterbox is in the news again, though, with a banner  [Read More…]