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iPhone SE is a hit in China (but scalpers are worried)

The iPhone SE may look tiny, but it’s already become a big hit in China. Apple’s new iPhone doesn’t hit stores until March 31st, however, pre-orders for the iPhone SE have already topped 3.4 million in China according to early estimates that show the iPhone SE will be much better received than the iPhone 5c. […]

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New Genius Bar Reservation Policies Should Help Thwart Scalpers

gb_reservation_log-inDo you remember this story, about how China’s network of scalpers were booking up all of Apple’s Genius Bar appointments en masse and then re-selling them on the black market to the highest bidder? Well, Apple’s figured out a way to partially thwart it: they’re now asking you to sign in with your Apple ID […]

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iPad Mini Sees Slow Start At Apple’s Beijing Store, But Scalpers Were ‘Out In Force’

Apple made its new iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad available to customers in China today, where its iOS devices have recently been seeing record demand. However, that wasn’t the case at the Cupertino company’s new retail store in Beijing. Lines outside the building were almost nonexistent when doors first opened, while only four customers entered the building in the following hour. Most of those who did walk out with a device  [Read More…]

Apple Hopes To Combat Chinese Scalpers With New iPhone Lottery System

Following the violence that spoiled Apples iPhone 4S launch at a number of retail stores throughout China earlier this month, the Cupertino company has introduced a new iPhone lottery system in Hong Kong that will make it incredibly difficult for scalpers to purchase the device. Those hoping to bag the device in-store must first request an iPhone reservation, then provide government-issued ID when they arrive to collect the handset. The  [Read More…]

This Is The Software That Chinese Scalpers Use To Buy iPhone 4Ses Right Out From Under Your Nose

Theres a huge demand for the iPhone in China, a demand so big that Apple is continually struggling to meet it. That means theres plenty of business for scalpers who obtain the device any way they can, just to sell it on for a huge profit in the grey and black markets. And these scalpers are smart and tech-minded. To make the whole process of buying iPhones a lot easier, scalpers  [Read More…]