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Qualcomm’s answer to Touch ID scans your fingerprint through metal

Apple’s Touch ID sensor has been the best and most reliable fingerprint scanner since it made its debut in the iPhone 5s, but competing products announced at Mobile World Congress this week could give the Cupertino company some concern. Not only…Read more ›

This iPhone app scans your videos to pull fantastic still photos

There are some fantastic photos hidden in the videos you’ve shot on your iPhone over the years. You just need to know where to look. That idea’s the starting point for new iOS app Vhoto, which uses computer vision technology…Read more ›

PaperSync scans your notebooks to PDF, returns them intact

PaperSync is a more appealing version of the Mod Notebooks service. Like Mod, PaperSync scans your paper pages and turns them into digital files. Unlike Mod, PaperSync uses plain old PDFs, and works with any notebook you like, not just…Read more ›

PDF Scanner Scans Double Page Spreads

PDF Scanner is a new iOS app that scans your paper documents and turns them into PDFs. The gimmick that sets this app apart from all the others that do the same thing is that PDF Scanner can auto-detect and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Google Wallet Now Scans Credit Cards With iPhone Camera

  Great news for corrupt restaurant employees and criminal scum everywhere: you can now use the latest Google Wallet app to skim credit cards right into your iPhone. In theory at least. And without actually recording the magnetic strip. But…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Brother’s New ADS-1500W Scans Directly To Evernote, Flickr

  The Brother ADS-1500W scanner is the first of a pair of wireless small office/home office scanners the company is releasing this month; the two fall between its recently redesigned portable wireless scanners and its ADS-2500W workhorse. The 1500W can scan docs or images directly to the more popular social media and cloud sites like Evernote, […]

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Vintage Photo Lab Scans Your Old Photos, One Shoebox At A Time

photosUnless you’re young enough to think that the seemingly never-ending 80s fashion revival is actually cool, then it’s likely that you have a stack of real, printed photos in a box somewhere. And as we all know, printed photos are photos that you can’t post to Instagram, or backup on Dropbox. What you need is […]

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Nmap for Mac OS X Explores Networks, Scans Ports, and More

nmap for Mac OS X

Nmap is a powerful command line network discovery utility that lets you review network inventory, host response and uptime, and perform security auditing through port scans, OS and firewall detection, and more. Though it’s free (and open source) and ships along with many versions of linux, it doesn’t come standard with OS X installations, and thus must be installed separately. Nmap is generally fairly advanced, but  [Read More…]

New Thermal Scans of Tablets May Put iPad ‘Heatgate’ to Rest

Less than one week after the new iPad began reaching consumers earlier this month, murmurs about the first “gate” had already begun. Unlike “Antennagate,” which consumed more digital ink than I care to be reminded about, it looks like “Heatgate” will – fortunately – end just as quickly as it began. On the heels of reports that the new iPad reaches surface temperatures of 116 degrees during gameplay, some grew concerned that the third-generation iPad  [Read More…]