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Creepypasta meme Slender Man is back again — this time in an official sequel to 2012′s Slender Rising called, imaginatively enough, Slender Rising 2. For those unfamiliar with the game, it pits you against the so-called Slender Man in four… Read more ›     

The new Walking Dead: The Game Trailer looks creepy as hell. It’s been a year since Telltale’s first Walking Dead game came out and scared the crap out of all of us. Now Telltale has just released the first episode… Read more ›     

If you’re gonna flirt with technology, make sure you’re safe doing so.

Location-based dating. Spooky, right? It’s a lot like leaving personal information on little sticky notes attached to your coat; any random scary internet guy or gal can pick one off you at any moment and get in your face. Yikes!

SinglesAroundMe aims to solve that problem with a new app, available for free on both the Google Play and the  [Read More...]

Over the course of the last five years, there have been a lot of movies with the gimmick that they have been shot on the iPhone, but few have pulled it off as well as this incredibly scary little short film made by Clement Deneux for the 2012 Disposable Film Festival, a film festival dedicated to short films shot on smartphones and either pocketable cameras.

It’s called Les Ongles, or The Nails,  [Read More...]

Prepare for a fright!

With Halloween almost upon us, what better way to celebrate than to scare yourself silly with some of the most terrifying games the App Store has to offer? We’ve put together a selection of the best horror titles that will have you watching your back this October 31, with some big hits like Walking Dead, Rage HD, Dead Space, and more.

Walking Dead — Universal ($ 4.99+)

Walking Dead is a  [Read More...]

Game Your Video ($ 0.99 on the App Store till Nov 4th) by Global Delight Technologies is a clever and fun video editing and effects app for iPhone. Add screams, slowmotion, even uncanny backwards motion. It’s as easy as mashing the buttons on a virtual game controller.

Simply import your home videos on your device and they are ready to edit and spice up with a range of in-app visual and sound effects  [Read More...]

Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, has a tradition stretching back to the 15th century and earlier, though it is currently a more secular holiday, with children and the young at heart dressing up as everything from scary ghouls and monsters to the more tame video game characters or that bane of every feminist out there, the “sexy” nurse/librarian/pikachu/what have you.

Regardless of how you celebrate, though, we thought you’d enjoy this list  [Read More...]

For all those kids out there frenziedly ringing doorbells or knocking on doors till your knuckles hurt: If no one’s coming out to rain candy into your little plastic jack-o-lantern, they’re probably just taking advantage of OnLive’s Halloween weekend of temporarily free-to-play games and too busy to come to the door. OnLive selected four Halloween-appropriate games — Orcs Must Die, F.E.A.R. 3, Metro 2033 and Amnesia — and is allowing users  [Read More...]

It’s been a long-standing rumor that Apple will switch to its own, proprietary ’A’ series of ARM-based chips in its MacBook and desktop machines. Currently, Apple relies heavily on Intel to provide processors for its computers — the MacBook specifically. In terms of the MacBook, a recent interview with the director of Intel’s Ultrabook group shows that Intel sees Apple switching to ARM processors as a very real threat. There could very well be  [Read More...]