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Skip The Shell Script, Schedule Do Not Disturb Times In Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]

Schedule Do Not DisturbBack in OS X Mountain Lion, it took a seriously complex shell script and recurring Calendar event to schedule Do Not Disturb times. While it’s fun to dig in and mess about with scripts, I much rather like the new Mavericks beta ability to just, you know, schedule Do Not Disturb using a nice, pretty […]

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OS X Mavericks Will Now Let You Schedule App Updates For The Evening


This is a neat little new detail in OS X Mavericks: if there are updates available for your system, the Notification will allow you to delay installing them for an hour, or until the evening when your system isn’t busy. And you can actually dismiss the damn thing now without it just immediately popping back up!

For other things new in OS X Mavericks, check out our gallery round-up.

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Mastering OS X Calendar: Open Any File On Your Own Schedule [OS X Tips]

Schedule File Open

The Mac OS X Calendar is great for a lot of things, not least of which scheduling reminders of appointments and such via the built-in alert system. But did you know that Calendar can do a lot more than that? It can alert you to an upcoming event with an Email or a Notification, and it can even open a file on schedule.

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Apple’s Spaceship Campus Is Behind Schedule And $2 Billion Over Budget [Report]

Apple 'spaceship' Campus 2

The budget for Apple’s “spaceship” campus has ballooned from $ 3 billion to “nearly $ 5 billion” since 2011, according to a new report from Bloomberg Businessweek. Five people close to the project say its cost will now eclipse the $ 3.9 billion being spent on the new World Trade Center complex in New York City.

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Send Apps as Gifts & Schedule Delivery Dates from the App Store

Gift apps The ability to gift apps has long been around in the App Store, but it briefly disappeared before making a reappearance again with an additional great new feature. As 9to5mac noticed, you can now schedule deliver dates for the gifted apps, allowing them to be automatically delivered at a certain set date in the future. This should make holiday and birthday shopping super easy for some of us, here’s how  [Read More…]

iTunes Festival App Added To Apple TV On The Sly, Days Ahead Of Schedule

There’s a new icon on the Apple TV tonight, and it’s kind of a sweet surprise. The 2012 iTunes Festival will be in London, with apps available on iPhones, iPads and Macs for free streaming of the event.

Looks like Apple decided to get an app onto the Apple TV as well, ahead of the September 1st launch date.

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Find And Schedule Future Calendar Events Faster on Your iPhone [iOS Tips]

Many folks add events to their Calendar app on their iOS device the same way they’ve added events on paper since the way back days before smartphones and personal information managers. They flip to the date they want to add an event to, tap on the day, and then add it there.

This works, yes, but it can get tedious, with all the arrow tapping. What if your event is  [Read More…]

Insider Claims iPhone 5 on Schedule for September Release Despite Component Shortages

Apple’s next generation iPhone will arrive earlier than last year’s 4S with a release date slated for sometime in September according to a new report by AppleInsider. Recently reports of Apple’s iPhone 5 release time frame have indicated component supply shortages would push back the newly rumored September back. AppleInsider’s “trusted industry insider” claims that these shortages will not affect Apple’s supply chain, and to expect the sixth-generation iPhone in September after a increase in  [Read More…]

JailbreakCon Schedule Includes Star-Studded Roster Of Developers And All-Star Hackers

JailbreakConIt’s a great time for jailbreakers. With iOS 6 and the next iPhone right around the corner, it’s never been a more exciting time to for the iOS jailbreak community. If you’re into jailbreaking, you’ll be pleased to know that the world’s first jailbreak convention is headed to San Francisco, California this September, and I’ll […]

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Change the Time Machine Backup Schedule

Time Machine Every Mac owner should be using Time Machine, it’s by far the easiest and most painless backup solution, running in the background and allowing for easy recovery of files or the entire operating system should something go wrong during an OS X update or otherwise. That said, Time Machine is a bit aggressive, and backs up all changes every hour that a drive is connected or within range, this  [Read More…]