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Apple Announces iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour Schedule

Ever since Apple started them in 2008, Apple’s iPhone Tech Talk World Tours have been wildly popular with developers… little mini-WWDC’s that travel the globe where Apple reaches out to devs, answers questions and facilitates in networking with all the app makers who make iOS great. Hot on the heels of iOS 5?s release, no surprise, then, that Apple’s launching another one. The iOS 5  [Read More…]

Schedule Your Twitter Tweets For Posting Automatically Using Buffer App

Twitter’s meteoric rise to fame and once they get their business model together, fortune, has been a sight to behold. Since its inception a few short years ago, Twitter has grown to be one of the most powerful and most used social networks on the planet. Buffer Granted, it still lags behind the behemoth that is Facebook but, frankly, so does everyone else. What makes Twitter so special is its short-form, to the  [Read More…]