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September 10 Event Scheduled by Apple, New iPhones Expected

Apple has sent out media invitations to an event scheduled for September 10. Historically these September events have been when the company launches new iPhone models, and it’s widely assumed that will be what is on offer at this years event too. According to Bloomberg, Apple will announce three new iPhones in 5.8″, 6.1″, and … Read More

Apple Event Scheduled for October 30, New iPad Pro and Macs Expected

Apple has scheduled an “Apple Special Event” for October 30 2018 at 7 AM PDT / 10 AM EDT in Brooklyn, New York, sending invitations to select members of the press, as well as updating their official events page to include the upcoming event. Most of the rumors and speculation surrounding the October 30 Apple … Read More

Apple Electric Car Tentatively Scheduled for 2020 Production

Apple is intending to begin production on their rumored electric car project “as early as 2020″, according to a new report from Bloomberg. If you were hoping to see an Apple Car driving around the streets much sooner than that, you may be disappointed, but a rough production timeline of five years is apparently in … Read More

Apple Event for October 16 Scheduled, New iPads & iMacs Expected

As the rumors anticipated, Apple has officially announced an event next week for October 16. The keynote event is scheduled to begin at 10 AM PST at their Cupertino campus Town Hall auditorium. It’s currently unknown whether the event will have a live video stream or not. Multiple updates to the Apple hardware lineup are … Read More

Apple Event Officially Scheduled for September 9th, iPhone 6 Expected

Apple has sent out press invitations to an event on September 9, 2014. The invite, shown above courtesy of Wall Street Journal, is simple and cryptic, stating simply “Wish we could say more” and displaying the date “9.9.2014″. The iPhone 6 is expected to be the star of the show, being offered in two sizes … Read More

iOS 8 Release Scheduled for Fall

Apple’s next major mobile operating system release, iOS 8, is set to launch this fall. Similar to the anticipated desktop release timeline of OS X Yosemite, no specific release date has been announced yet, but Fall of 2014 ranges from September 22 to December 21, providing for a general timeframe of when to expect the … Read More

iOS 7 Release Date Scheduled for September?

iOS 7 logo

Apple is intending to release it’s next-generation iOS 7 mobile operating system in September, with an initial preview release shown to developers this June at WWDC 2013, according to a series of new reports from Bloomberg and AllThingsDigital.

This release schedule is despite some internal delays, according to AllThingsD:

While the company still expects to release iOS 7 on time as soon as September, internal deadlines for  [Read More…]

JailbreakCon 2013 Scheduled For August 23-24 In New York City

Jay Freeman, the creator of Cydia, at JailbreakCon last year.

Jay Freeman, the creator of Cydia, at JailbreakCon last year.

JailbreakCon, the only convention dedicated solely to the iOS jailbreak community, took place last summer in San Francisco, California. We brought you on-the-ground reporting from the convention floor, including profiles of people like pod2g, the luckiest jailbreak hacker in the world.

Now JailbreakCon is coming to New York City on August 23rd-24th.

Unlike  [Read More…]

Launch Files & Applications on a Scheduled Date with Calendar for Mac OS X

Calendar app icon If you’ve ever wished you could schedule the opening of a specific file, or set an application to launch on a specific date, either on a one off basis or on a recurring scheduled event, you can actually do both right in Mac OS X with the help of none other than the default Calendar app. This is an astonishingly useful feature that is largely unknown, but it’s  [Read More…]

Walking Dead The Game Season Finale Scheduled For November 20

It ain’t over till it’s over.

Telltale Games today announced that the season finale, Episode 5 of Walking Dead The Game, “No Time Left,” is slated to launch on all platforms next week, November 20th. This will be the first episode that comes out simultaneously on console, Mac, iOS, and PC. This is the final episode of critically acclaimed episodic game based on Robert Kirkman’s comic series, The Walking Dead.

The  [Read More…]