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Access the Scientific Calculator & Programmer Calculator in Mac OS X

The Mac Calculator app may appear somewhat limited at first glance, but there’s actually two other calculator modes contained within the app; a full featured scientific calculator, and a programmer calculator too. Accessing the alternate calculators in OS X is really easy, but like many of the other interesting Calculator app features, it’s pretty easy … Read More

Consumer Reports runs the Apple Watch through a scientific torture test

Consumer Reports has a history of being hard on Apple. They famously refused to recommend the iPhone 4 because of a so-called “flawed” Antenna Design. To test the Apple Watch, though, Consumer Reports is being harder on Apple than ever.…Read more ›

Scientific drop test takes iPhone 6 to the breaking point

We saw a kid in Australia perform the first unofficial drop test earlier today, but for those wanting to see the limits of iPhone 6 truly tested, the first scientific tests are in. Blogger Dave Rahimi — who was the…Read more ›

Eureka! Archimedes scientific calculator gets major update

Scientific calculator app Archimedes has received its first significant update in quite a while. Adding the expected iOS 7-compatible design tweaks, the app also adds a number of useful improvements. The first of these relates to Archimedes’ plotting function. Curves now feature…Read more ›

Turn the iPhone into a Scientific Calculator by Rotating Calculator App

Scientific Calculator for iPhone Need to use a scientific calculator on the iPhone? Instead of downloading a new app, just launch the existing Calculator app and then rotate the iPhone so that the screen orientation is horizontal. This instantly transforms the calculator app into a scientific calculator, no visit to the App Store is required. This will work on the iPod touch as well, and has been around in iOS for  [Read More…]

Theres A Cool Scientific Reason Why iOS 5?s Round Buttons Are Better Than iOS 4?s

Do you prefer iOS 5?s rounded buttons while a friend prefers iOS 4?s rectangular ones? Well, as it turns out, theres a scientific reason why youre right and hes just a total idiot and needs to just talk to the hand, and it all has to do with the shape of your eyeball.   As it turns out, rounded corners are more aesthetically pleasing because the brain has an easier  [Read More…]