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Two top Apple execs score big (and one giant) payday

Apple’s Chief Operating Office Jeff Williams and Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri both dumped large amounts of AAPL stock this month — prompting speculation that those inside Apple aren’t confident that the share price is bouncing back to all-time high levels any time soon. Although, as usual, such fears are almost certainly greatly exaggerated. Williams sold 268,644 […]

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Grammar haters score a win in text-messaging study

I try to maintain grammatical integrity no matter what I’m typing. But a new study suggests that people may not appreciate that while text messaging, and it’s not just because they think I’m showing off how much gooder I can word. The researchers concluded that texts that end in proper and correct periods come off […]

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iOS 8’s final score: 87% of users upgraded

iOS 8 is about to join the big tech scrapyard in the sky, but before it’s replaced by iOS 9, Apple has posted one last set of adoption figure — showing that a whopping 87 percent of eligible users upgraded to Apple’s last-generation mobile OS. During the same period, iOS 7 had 11 percent of customers still […]

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Apple tried to score ESPN SportsGuy for exclusive podcast

Apple is looking to create its own original content, and according to a new report, that almost included signing former ESPN ‘Sports Guy’ Bill Simmons to provide an exclusive podcast for Apple users. ESPN abrupty announced that they would not be renewing Simmons’ contract earlier this year, which led Apple media boss Eddy Cue to […][Read More…]

Score some weed and say ‘high’ with smokin’-hot marijuana apps

Looking for the closest legal medical marijuana dispensary? How about a like-minded 420-friendly soulmate to share your life (and stash) with? A new batch of pot-centric apps are now available that let you join in on the high times from the comfort of your own smartphone. Weed apps have had an uphill battle on the […][Read More…]

Save 92% on the Interactive Coding Bootcamp and score your dream web developer job [Deals]

You’re just 12 weeks away from a new career as a programmer with the Interactive Coding Bootcamp, now just $ 39 at Cult of Mac Deals. This comprehensive training program covers everything you need to know about back-end and front-end development.…Read more ›

Score 8 ultra-premium Mac apps for one low price [Deals]

It would be pretty hard to get by these days without a computer. Between our communications, productivity, and play there really aren’t very many facets of our lives where computers don’t assist us. Still, the software required to do everything…Read more ›

UP by Jawbone adds new weight management and food score features

Just because people are expecting Apple to revolutionize wearables with its long-awaited iWatch, doesn’t mean that there aren’t already some interesting developments going on in the wearable tech field. I’m a massive fan of Jawbone, which has just updated its UP by…Read more ›

Best places to score deals on the iPhone, iPad or MacBook Air

Scoring a sweet deal on an iPhone directly from Apple is nearly impossible. Luck for us, a bunch of Cupertino’s retail partners aren’t afraid to cut some dinero off its price-tag to try to get you in the store. But…Read more ›

Invade Earth And Score High In Arcade Game Captain Bubblenaut [Video Review]

The idea of aliens invading earth is a theory that has been created and expanded upon for many years. In the app Captain Bubblenaut the invasion comes to life as players help guide an alien as he obliterates Erf and…Read more ›