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Dodge Asteroids And Score Big In The New Arcade Game Lightspeed Hero [Video Review]

Talk of the popular app Flappy Bird has still seemed to be far from fading out. As developers everywhere continue to fuel the craze with remakes and clones, players everywhere have seemed to grow bored of many new app store…

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The Best Way To Score Yourself A Deal On A Refurbished Apple Product

126566-refurbished-macbook-pro-airThere are a lot of compelling reasons to buy a refurbished Apple product instead of a new one. Not only are they cheaper and come with the same warranty, but because they’ve been gone over with a fine-tooth comb for problems, there’s an argument to be made that they are even less likely to exhibit […]

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Apple Beats Out Its Own Tech Support Score From Last Year [Report]

So patient, so knowledgeable. Swoon!

So patient, so knowledgeable. Swoon!

Consumer Reports, the popular magazine and website for figuring out what consumers think about all sorts of products and services, just published its annual reader survey on computer tech support.

Apple not only claimed the top spot in the list this year, beating out all other computer manufacturers, it got an even better score than it did in last year’s survey.

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