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Great Scott! Siri prepared for Back to the Future day

Happy Back to the Future Day, everyone! If you’ve somehow been living under a rock, today is the “future date” which Marty McFly visits in the 1989 movie sequel Back to the Future II. And while we may not yet have ubiquitous hoverboards, self-tying sneakers, rehydrating pizzas or, erm, loads and loads of fax machines, we […]

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Ousted VP Scott Forstall is ‘delighted’ Apple still makes great products

Scott Forstall, the Apple executive who lead the creation of iOS and was then kicked out the company in 2012, says he’s not staying mad at Apple. In a recent interview about the Broadway play he’s producing, Forstall addressed his…Read more ›

Ex-Apple exec Scott Forstall is already a big hit on Broadway

The man who lead the creation of iOS may have found his next calling in an unlikely place: Broadway. Scott Forstall, a veteran Apple executive who was famously ousted in 2012, has been co-producing a hit musical that’s already doing…Read more ›

You’ll never believe what ex-Apple VP Scott Forstall is up to now

We’re starting to learn more about what excommunicated Apple executive Scott Forstall is up to after years of flying under the radar. The former head of iOS is an advisor to Snapchat, and although he will likely continue to be involved…Read more ›

Former Apple exec Scott Forstall advises one of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups

The greatest Apple mystery of the last few years hasn’t been the next iPhone or Apple Watch, but a man named Scott Forstall. Since getting kicked out of Apple in late 2012, the former head of iOS and friend of…Read more ›

NY College Probes Scott Forstall’s Bizarre Appearance In Ads

The City College of New York is investigating its use of former Apple exec Scott Forstall’s photo in advertisements for the school’s student ID card. Cult of Mac contacted the college Wednesday afternoon about Forstall’s strange appearance on the promotional…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Scott Forstall May Appear As An Apple Witness At Samsung Retrail

Apple and Samsung are headed back to San Jose on November 12 to clash again over the retrial of their billion-dollar patent lawsuit that Apple won in 2012, and it looks like Scott Forstall might be coming back to testify as a witness for Apple. The jury originally rewarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages, but […]

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Scott Forstall & iOS 6 Morph Into Jony Ive & His iOS 7 Masterpiece [GIF]

jonytoscotty    In just a few short days, everyone’s iPhone is going to look a hell of a lot different now that Scott Forstall’s felt and wood grain reign is coming to an end. To celebrate rise of Sir Jony Ive’s flat and parallax world, GadgetLove created one of the most incredible iOS 6 vs […]

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Why Jony Ive Should Travel Back In Time To Stop Scott Forstall From Ruining Ancient Greek Architecture

What does Apple's Calendar app and this building have in common?

What does Apple’s Calendar app and this building have in common?

There’s been a lot of hullyboo about skeuomorphism in the Mac and iOS community right now. Ever since the debut of iOS, Apple’s software has become increasingly ornamented with unnecessary textures and details that many people consider tacky, such as the fake Corinthian leather in Calendar or the green felt background  [Read More…]

Apple’s SEC Filing Reveals Tim Cook’s 2012 Compensation & Pay Raises In Wake Of Scott Forstall Departure

Back from the holidays, Apple has just filed a preliminary proxy statement with the SEC today in preparation for its annual shareholder meeting in 2013. It’s filled with a lot of insight into the inner workings of our favorite company, and while the biggest news is probably Tim Cook’s remuneration for 2012, there are also other interesting tidbits, including Apple’s resistance to the idea of the appointment of a Board  [Read More…]