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Apple’s Watch gets updated and their television gets scrapped on The CultCast

This week: ok sure, Apple may have forever shelved plans for a proper television, but reports of a souped-up Apple TV debuting at WWDC will make you forget all that. Plus: the good stuff in Apple’s first Watch update; new…Read more ›

Google Scrapped Android & Started Again The Day After Apple Unveiled iPhone

No matter how you feel about Apple and the iPhone, it’s impossible to deny that the device completely revolutionized the mobile industry when it was launched in 2007. Without it, the smartphones of today may have been completely different. Take…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Artist Reveals Apple Scrapped Plans To Launch High-Definition Music Format

Recording artist Neil Young has revealed in an interview that Apple had plans to launch a high-definition music format that never came to fruition. Young says he met with Steve Jobs personally to discuss the service prior to his passing, but not much happened with it in the end. In the interview with All Things D which was summarized by CNET Young revealed that he approached Apple, and  [Read More…]