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Leather ‘taco’ will stop keys from scratching your iPhone

You probably spent a lot on your iPhone, and you don’t want something like your car and house keys scratching it up when you cram all of them into the same pocket. Sure, you could slap a screen protector on…Read more ›

No Hotel Room Is ‘Bed Bug Proof,’ But This App Might Save You Some Scratching

Bed Bug Proof — Utilities — Free America is seeing a resurgence in bed-bug infestations, and here’s an app to help you screen a room and identify the little biters before they introduce themselves. To be perfectly clear, Bed Bug…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Stop Worrying About Scratching Your iPhone 5 And Engrave It With Frickin’ Lasers Instead

How cool does this laser-engraved iPhone 5 look? Image via Gizmodo.

One of the things I miss most about the design of the iPhone 4S is the ability to easily change the back of my iPhone to something different, like a non-standard color, or even teak.

You simply can’t do that with the iPhone 5, but Gizmodo just pointed out an even better idea: you can laser engrave the back of your  [Read More…]