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InkCase, An E-Ink Screen For Your iPhone

I saw the Oaxis InkCase at the Mobile World Congress last week, and it looks pretty neat. The v2 “case” is actually an e-ink panel that connects to the iPhone (or other device) via Bluetooth and can show anything on… Read more ›     

Apple fans may argue that from a bang-for-your-buck perspective, an iPhone is one of the best smartphone deals around. If you’re judging simply by how much screen proportionally makes up the front of your device, though, this chart makes a… Read more ›     

Refresh Complete Screen & Keyboard Cleaning Kit by Techlink Category: Cleaning Kit Works With: iMac, MacBook Price: £19.95 ($ 33.38) Chalk it up to the state of modern life if you want — where we’re much more comfortable looking at an iPhone… Read more ›     

Weekend Read is a way to squeeze old-fashioned movie manuscripts onto the iPhone’s little screen so you can read them on the go. If you’re a professional script reader – or even a script writer – you’re going to love… Read more ›     

While I’m a huge fan of the new Control Center on iOS, I can see where it might not be the best thing to have enabled on the lock screen. We’ve all left our iPhone or iPad out in places… Read more ›     

The Control Center feature of iOS offers quick access to some of the more frequently used settings toggles on the iPad and iPhone, like wi-fi and orientation lock. This is undeniably convenient, but not every user wants these toggles to be readily available to anyone who picks up their device, and in some higher security … Read More

Most iPhone and iPad users know the iOS multitasking screen is where you can quit the apps you no longer want open, and it’s also where you go to switch between any of the open apps on the device. But if you have a lot of apps open, you may notice that switching from the … Read More

Apple To Fix iOS 7′s White Screen Of Death

Have you had problems with iOS 7 randomly crashing and rebooting? For many, the white screen of death (or black, depending on your device color) has been a big enough problem to fill countless pages of complaints on Apple’s support forum. “We… Read more ›     

The iPhone Home Screen has room for 20 app icons on the front page and four Dock icons across the bottom, with even more app spots available for the iPad. If that seems like 20 icons too many for you, using a little trick lets users create a completely blank home screen page in iOS, … Read More

Do you remember the original Time Machine backup animation of the slowly spinning green galaxy vortex? Triggered when a user entered Time Machine for backups, backup file management, or restoring files, the original animation was a snazzy space rendering that sort of looked like entering into a spinning black hole, shooting out stars and space … Read More