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Here at Cult of Mac, we take quite a few screenshots. Our current favorite for taking and annotating them is Share Bucket, and of course you can always use Preview or Grab to take your screenshots, but what about the… Read more ›     

  Do you ever grab screenshots of websites on your iPhone, then struggle to transfer them to you Mac for further editing, or for – say – putting them into a blog post? Now you can do the exact same…

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OptiPNG Shrinks Screenshots Without Quality Loss

Screen-Shot-2013-08-09-at-12.44.42.jpgIf you liked my how-to on rolling your own ImageMagick-based OS X Services using shell scripts, you’re going to love OptiPNG. It’s another command line utility that can be used to shrink PNGs without losing any quality. You can do this in one of two ways: the command-line way, which involves typing every time you [...]

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ShareBucketScreenshots are the life blood of this tips column, and I’m willing to bet a lot of you use the feature, built right in to your Mac, to capture images of stuff on your screen to share with friends, family, co-workers, and so on. It’s super simple to use; just hit Command-Shift-3 to take a [...]

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Remember how simple Skitch used to be before Evernote bought it and ran it through its UI-mangling machine? So does Instapaper’s Marco Arment, which is why he made Bugshot, an app whose “sole purpose is dealing with screenshots better.” Bugshot sifts your screenshots from the rest of your pictures and lets you annotate them with [...]

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20 Gorgeous iOS 7 Screenshots [Gallery]

iOS 7 on iPhone 5 Today Apple unveiled iOS 7, the software’s biggest redesign since the debut of the original iPhone. We’ve already told you everything that was just announced at WWDC, so now it’s time to take a closer look at what iOS 7 looks like.

Apple has posted some gorgeous new images on its website alongside video walkthroughs. Here’s iOS 7 in action:

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 3.52.24  <a href=[Read More...]


A new piece of Mac malware has been discovered. The virus installs itself as “macs.app” and silently takes screenshots to then upload to shady servers. It doesn’t appear to be very widespread at the moment.

The malware was uncovered on an African activist’s Mac at the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual event dedicated to “exploring how best to challenge authoritarianism and promote free and open societies.”

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Barry For iOS Save Screenshots Of Entire Web Pages


Ever wanted to save a picture of an entire webpage? I have. Last time I made a style guide for our Cult of Mac reviews, I wanted to take a picture and scrawl notes on it. Could I find an app to help? Could I hell. In the end I resorted to printing PDF on my Mac and…. I can’t really remember. It was so convoluted that my brain has repressed the traumatic  [Read More...]

Google Babel Gets Shown Off In Leaked Screenshots


Babel, a new chat service rumored to be on its way from Google, has been shown off in a bunch of leaked screenshots ahead of its official unveiling. The images reportedly come from a Google employee, and they show Babel running on a desktop. Not only do they confirm the service’s name, but also a number of its features.

Google Babel has been the subject of many rumors in recent months, but  [Read More...]

iPhone Apps

Apple announced on its developer site today that it will be locking down the images submitted along with apps once they are approved for the App Store, locking scammers out of one more tactic used to scam naive app buyers into purchasing apps that may look just like popular games (like Pokemon or Minecraft). The tactic involved submitting apps with basic images for approval to Apple, then switching them out to infringing  [Read More...]