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These wraparound sports shades won’t screw up your look

Lust List: Screw sports sunglasses by Spy Optics Choosing a pair of sports shades is always a balancing act of form versus function. Luckily, Spy Optics makes sunglasses for every face and every activity. With its Screw series of shades, Spy found the sweet spot where you get what you need while sweating your ass […]

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Apple says ‘screw you’ to Europe’s largest hacker conference

The Chaos Computer Club, Europe’s largest collective of hackers, claims that Apple rejected the group’s streaming video app — which would allow users to watch talks from its Chaos Communications Congress event. Why? Because members of the conference had previously hacked iOS, and Apple doesn’t want to help spread the hacking word. The Congress event has run […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Screw smart light bulbs, we’re still waiting for HomeKit’s killer app

The home of the future arrived today and, while not exactly a whimper, it wasn’t much of a bang either. Where are the smart voice-activated refrigerators? Where are the Jetsons-style gizmos that have us firing up our Apple Pay, and…Read more ›

Ralph Nader tells Apple to screw investors, not workers

Ralph Nader has a message for Tim Cook: Stop listening to Carl Icahn. In a scathing letter to Tim Cook published in today’s Wall Street Journal, the former presidential candidate takes Apple’s CEO to task for bending to the will…Read more ›

Wall Street Is Starting to Screw Its Head On Right About Apple

2013 has been a rocky year for Apple Stock, but it looks like Wall Street might be ending the year bullish on Wall Street, with shares of AAPL closing at an all-time high last night. For those who don’t remember,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Is China Trying to Screw Apple?


Chinese actor and singer Peter Ho criticized Apple on China’s Twitter-like Weibo service this week. 

But don’t blame Ho. He was apparently just following orders. But orders from whom? And why?

Ho posted:

“Cannot believe Apple is playing so many dirty tricks in customer service. As an Apple fan, I feel hurt. Won’t you [Apple] feel ashamed in front of Steve Jobs? Won’t you feel ashamed in front of those young  [Read More…]

Screw You, Samsung! Apple Fan Celebrates Court Victory With This Enormous Gelato Cake

Domenico Panacea is an Italian Apple fan whose brand loyalty impresses even us – he first got on Cult of Mac’s radar when he spent about $ 1,300 for an LED Apple logo shirt.

To celebrate Apple’s court victory over Samsung, Panacea, a doctor by profession, was so excited that he immediately ordered up this yummy gelato cake, deeming it a toothsome tribute to the verdict. The enormous cake is made  [Read More…]

Apple May Be Working On A Top Secret Assymetric Screw To Lock You Out Of Your Devices Forever [Rumor]

Forget Pentalobe screws, Apple’s next-gen screw design could lock DIYers out of their Macs once and for all.

Self-repairability is often an aspect of Apple’s modern product design that gets Cupertino blasted by critics, with the Retina MacBook Pro being deemed “the least repairable laptop yet” by repair experts iFixIt. But if the leaked image above of a next-generation assymetric screw Apple is reportedly working on is to be believed, things are  [Read More…]

Screw You, Facebook! OS X Mountain Lion Proves Twitter Is The Most Important Social Network

One of the big marquee features of Mountain Lion is deeply-baked Twitter integration, built right into every Mac apps. If there was any doubt about it after iOS 5, erase it from your mind: after some aborted experiments like Ping, Apple is doubling down on social networking, and the horse theyre backing isnt Facebook its Twitter.   According to the official description of Twitter integration in OS X Mountain Lion:  [Read More…]

Screw Those Angry Birds Wont Somebody Think Of The Misunderstood Pigs?

Misunderstood pigs All this time, people have blindly taken the Birds word for it, and joined them in their campaign of violence against the pigs. Nobody thought to ask the pigs for their side of the story. Until now.   Misunderstood Pigs is a funny (and free, but ad-supported) game for iOS that flips Angry Birds on its feathery little head. In this game, your task is to  [Read More…]