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UE Boom 2 speaker brings more of everything (except for screws)

SAN FRANCISCO — Ultimate Ears could have borrowed the iPhone 6s tag line to market its new UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speakers. Like Apple’s latest smartphones, which Cupertino hypes with the clever catchphrase “the only thing that’s changed is everything,” UE’s second-generation Bluetooth speaker is almost indistinguishable from its tubular predecessor — at least on […]

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mBack Hard Drive Screws Into Your iMac’s Leg-Hole

mbackThis is another “why has nobody done this before” product. The mBAck is a small, bus-powered USB 3.0 hard drive that mounts onto the stand of your iMac. The Good: Fantastic idea The Bad: Those prices. LOL The mBack comes in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes and hooks into your Mac’s USB port. What would […]

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Apple Screws ‘Bang With Friends’ And Pulls It From App Store

bang with friends app

Have you used the hot new app “Bang With Friends?” No, don’t answer that. Keep your dignity in tact. You can guess what it does.

Apple has suddenly pulled Bang With Friends from the App Store after it went live last week. The app doesn’t contain any explicit content, but it’s obviously not meant for your kid to check out while searching for the latest Angry Birds game.

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How Facebook Home Screws Apple


How low will Apple go?

First, Apple CEO Tim Cook was forced to grovel and kowtow to the Chinese Communist Party over their obviously false and politically motivated claims about Apple’s warranty.

Now, Apple is being publicly insulted and used by Facebook.

There is no way Steve Jobs would have put up with this kind of humiliating abuse.

Here’s what’s going on.

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AT&T Blaming Apple For iPhone 4S Upgrade Pricing That Screws Loyal iPhone Customers [Updated]

Today an AT&T customer service representative (CSR) lays the blame for the current upgrade pricing squarely on Apple, inc. According to the AT&T CSR we spoke to this morning upgrade eligibility dates and the pricing models are all dictated by Apple, Inc. and they cannot be changed. If youve had an iPhone long enough youll recall a similar customer service fiasco a couple of years ago with the iPhone 3GS.  [Read More…]

MacBook Air Creaking? Check for Loose Screws

Pentalobe screws in a MacBook Air My MacBook Air 11? has been creaking a lot lately when I pick it up, the noise has gradually increased and I finally discovered the reason why: loose screws. Im not sure what caused the screws to become loose, but I do bring my MacBook Air almost everywhere with me so this could be a gradual loosening from constant use and movement. The solution is  [Read More…]