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The Super Bowl Kicks Off iBeacon Season

The Super Bowl is tomorrow, and Apple’s iBeacon will be there. The New York Times reported this week that iPhone owners in East Rutherford, New Jersey (where MetLife Stadium where the Super Bowl is) — and also in some areas… Read more ›     

There’s a lot of different metrics out there for gauging the success of personal electronics, some more suspect than others. Many companies, for example, favor units shipped to retailers, where as Apple favors the more realistic metric of units sold. Perhaps the best metric of all, though, isn’t what is shipped or sold, but what […]        [Read More...]

This is one of the best resource deals we offer all year, and at a 90% discount this bundle is at a price you can’t say no to. The Annual Adobe Holiday Season Bundle offers 147 lectures and over 6… Read more ›     

Need a fast, discreet way to determine when you’ve had too much to drink or put a number on all of your inebriated muscle flexing? The BACtrack S35 breathalyzer is small enough to keep in your pocket, and accurate enough… Read more ›     

Think you’ve seen the last of The Walking Dead on your Mac or iOS device? Think again. Telltale Games, the award-winning developer of recent hit games The Walking Dead: Season One and Fables: The Wolf Among Us, announced Tuesday the…

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BU5D5AtCYAAGsTX.jpg-largeBreaking Bad fans have been upset with Apple because of a mixup regarding Season Passes in the iTunes Store. If you’re a fan of the show you know that the creators decided to slip the last season into two parts, effectively creating two separate seasons of 8 episodes each: “Season 5’ and “The Final Season.” […]

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Breaking-Bad-Season-5Apple has been targeted by a class action lawsuit for falsely advertising a Season Pass for the final season of Breaking Bad. The season was split into two parts, but those who purchased a Season Pass were angered when they discovered that the eight episodes included in the second part were not included, and that they would have […]

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iLwNCqtZXdFYFor the first time, Apple is allowing children under the age of 13 to have an iTunes account with the approval of an educational institution. Back to school season is nearly here, and Apple is preparing for the increased number of iPads that will be distributed by educators to young students. Apple’s updated terms and [...]

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jjwattaYahoo announced today that it’s launching a completely redesigned Fantasy Sports app for iOS and Android, just in time for the all-important fantasy football season looming on the horizon. The redesigned app now lets you sign up for a league and draft players from your iPhone or iPad. There’s even some mock drafting help built-in [...]

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MLB Passbook Coming To 13 New Stadiums This Season

This is the shape of things to come in baseball.

This is the shape of things to come in baseball.

Major League Baseball announced that it will be tripling the number of stadiums that will start accepting tickets from Apple’s Passbook app, with thirteen new stadiums coming online to enable paperless, Passbook ticketing, an increase from four stadiums that could do so last season.

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