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Kindle Fire Becomes The Second Biggest Tablet, But iPad Has Nothing To Worry About… Yet.

Photo by steeljam – http://flic.kr/p/58PyVg

Described as an “explosive development in the tablet market,” the holiday season could finally see a two-way race for consumers’ attention as the iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire vie for nearly 90 percent of sales. In a survey of North Americans intending to buy a tablet, 65 percent said they plan to buy an iPad, while 22 percent said they would pick the Kindle Fire,  [Read More…]

Apple Denying Retail Employees Vacation Time During Second Week of October

AppleInsider is reporting Apple is blacking out vacation time during the 2nd week of October. Apple is “quietly” denying employee requests for vacation time between October 9-12th and 12-15th. Apple commonly practices vacation blackouts during new product launches and the blacked out dates are usually the best indicator of when a new product will launch. The first set of dates—October 9-12—most likely represents the iOS 5 launch. Apple has informed AppleCare to expect an increase in  [Read More…]

Add a Second Hard Drive to Your New Mac Mini With This Kit from iFixit

Following the launch of the new Mac mini earlier this year, the guys over at iFixit performed their customary teardown and revealed that the eradication on the system’s optical drive leaves room for a second hard drive. In order to make installing your own a great deal easier, iFixit has launched an awesome little kit that provides everything you need for the job. The $ 70 kit comes with everything you need  [Read More…]

Apple’s iPhone Production to Double in Second Half of 2011 [Report]

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5 alongside a cheaper, possibly retooled iPhone 4 in the coming months, with industry reports indicating a September or October launch. According to Apple’s manufacturing partners overseas, Apple is drastically ramping up iPhone production for the second half of 2011, with an estimated 58 million units expected to ship. With the continued sales of iPhone 4 models alongside whatever is announced this Fall, it  [Read More…]

Report: Apple A6 will not be ready before the second quarter of 2012

The rumors are going crazy. There is talk of big news coming this autumn: some argue that this will be a new model of the iPhone, others speak of a phantom economy version of the iPhone today, others suggest the launch of a new iPad addressed to professional users . What is certain, however, is that none of these devices will mount the ‘ Apple A6 , the next processor model in production at companies of Cupertino. [Read More…]

90 Second Song Previews Now Available in Some International iTunes Stores

Apple has bucked the 30 second preview length in favor of 90 second song previews in some international music stores. Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Canada and a few other European countries have now joined the United States in a brave new 90-second iTunes song preview world. When Apple made the switch to 90-second previews in the U.S. they caught considerable flack from record labels, as they simply sent out a letter to labels that  [Read More…]

No Double Dip For Personal Audio in Second Infringement Case Against Apple

Personal Audio’s second suit against Apple, which was only reported last week, has already been shut down by Judge Ron Clark. Clark in his decision cited the $8 million Personal Audio received in their first suit against Apple as enough money to cover both complaints. If you remember, Personal Audio’s original suit dealt with how a number of older iPods used playlists. The new suit focused on iPhone 4s, iPads, and modern iPods and how  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Will Be Released Second Week Of September

According to China Times, iPhone 5 will be launched at the second week of September. The initial order for it is 4 million units. 400,000 trail units is being prepared now by suppliers. The report also pointed that the launching of iPad 3 will be postponed to Thanksgiving due to component shortages. iPhone-5-logo1 This report  [Read More…]

Teardown Reveals New Mac Mini Has Space For Second Hard Drive… Or An SSD

Apple’s new Mac mini has been available for two days now, and so it’s time for the company’s smallest desktop to get the iFixit teardown treatment. Though little has changed inside its svelte aluminum shell, Apple’s decision to remove the optical drive means there’s plenty of room for to double your storage… or even speed up your Mac mini dramatically.   A 2.3GHz Core i5 Mac mini became iFixit’s latest victim. Many  [Read More…]

A Second iPad manufacturer to meet ‘iPad HD’ demands

Apple is getting ready to launch the new model of iPad this fall. Apple reportedly plans to add a second manufacturer for iPad in addition to Foxconn. According to Digitimes report , The secound manufacturer will either be Petagron – which reportedly have landed iPhone 5 orders from Apple – or Quanta Computers. Quanta Computers is currently manufacturing some Macs and Apple Devices. Reports states that Apple is gearing up for the releasing of the  [Read More…]