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Hide The Menu Bar On Your Secondary Monitor With Mavericks [OS X Tips]

The external monitor support in Mavericks is much improved, as we noted in yesterday’s tip on getting the Dock to show up on your second monitor. The menu bar itself will dim when you’re not actively on a specific monitor,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

How to Hide the Menu Bar on External Secondary Displays in OS X Mavericks

Hide or show the menu bar on external Mac displays in OS X

For Mac users who use external screens, multi-display support has been greatly improved in OS X Mavericks, but one feature that is either loved or hated is the addition of the secondary menu bar that is visible on the external display(s). The secondary menu bar serves the obvious purpose of providing easy access to menu items, but it  [Read More…]

Apple Patent Details Enhanced iPad Smart Cover With Flexible Secondary Display, Surface-Like Keyboard

Aww, he’s drawing an Apple!

While some may consider the iPad’s Smart Cover to be too expensive and flimsy, Apple is obviously investing time and effort into the accessory. A recent patent has been uncovered that details an enhanced Smart Cover with a secondary touch display. Like Microsoft’s Surface tablet, the unreleased accessory would also have a keyboard embedded in the cover with virtual keys for typing.

By drawing power from the  [Read More…]

Use a Secondary Cut And Paste Function to Avoid Overwriting Clipboard Contents

Secondary Cut and Paste function in Mac OS X Mac OS X has a secondary Cut and Paste function that provides the ability to cut and paste additional information without overwriting existing clipboard contents. Highlight something and use the following keystrokes: Control+K cuts the content Control+Y pastes the content This cut and paste function works with images and text, but notice that it will remove any rich text formatting or styling.  [Read More…]

Change or Disable the Secondary Click in Mac OS X

Change the Secondary Click in Mac OS X Macs have long kept things simple by keeping a single mouse button -or none at all- but while the two finger tap is very intuitive for most of us, newcomers to the Mac world donít always remember it. If youíre switching someone from the PC world, enabling a literal right-click can be really helpful, but there are other options too, including using the  [Read More…]

Apple Plans a Secondary Display On Bezel Of Next-Generation iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

PatentlyApple has been watching Apple closely for the patents that folks at Cupertino are filing at USPTO. The recent inclusion assigned to Apple is one of its kind piece of technology. The new revived bezel offers a secondary display built around printed segmented electroluminescence technology for various controls for work and play.

Secondary display is expected to surround the primary display and will only not be used to show  [Read More…]